How to Tell If He Loves or Lusts You

It can be difficult to decipher the difference between love and lust. Many times, people confuse infatuation for love and end up getting hurt in the process. But there are ways you can tell if he loves or lusts you.

Here’s a closer look at how to distinguish between the love and lust.

Body Language

One of the most obvious signs of whether he loves or lusts you is his body language. Generally speaking, someone who is truly in love with you will be tender and gentle around you, while someone who is just interested in physical pleasure may be more aggressive and overbearing.

Pay attention to how he treats you when no one else is around—if he’s always respectful and caring, then it’s likely that he has real feelings for you. On the other hand, if he seems overly interested in physical contact and seems dismissive or disinterested when it comes to conversations about your relationship, chances are his feelings are rooted in something less than genuine love.

The Way He Talks About You

It’s also important to pay attention to how your significant other talks about you in front of others. Someone who truly loves you will speak positively about your relationship both publicly and privately, while someone who only desires physical gratification may not give much thought either way as long as they get what they want out of it.

A good indicator of whether a person truly cares about you is if they remain consistent with their words even when they think no one else is listening—if they speak kindly about you both in private and public settings, then chances are their feelings are genuine.

Intimacy Levels

Finally, another way to tell if someone loves or lusts you is by the level of intimacy they expect from your relationship. People who care deeply for each other value time spent together as much as physical contact—they take pleasure from sharing simple moments like watching a movie or having dinner together rather than just focusing on sex.

On the other hand, people who only desire physical pleasure often place too much emphasis on sexual acts instead of just enjoying each other’s company without any sort of agenda attached to it. This isn’t always easy to recognize since many people will claim that sex “doesn’t mean anything” even if it does—so pay close attention to how often your significant other initiates non-sexual activities such as going out on dates or talking about things outside of themselves—these behaviors indicate that your partner may actually have feelings for you beyond just an interest in physical gratification.

Love vs. Lust: The Signs

One of the most important aspects of distinguishing between love and lust is understanding the signs of each emotion. Here are some telltale signs that point to either true love or just a physical attraction:

• Love is compassionate and kind while lust is often selfish. When it comes to loving someone, we don’t think twice about putting their needs before our own. On the other hand, when we’re only interested in someone physically, those needs tend to take a backseat to our own desires.

• Love tends to grow stronger with time while lust tends to fade away over time. True love has a way of sticking around for years, even decades at a time, while infatuation has an expiration date — no matter how strong it may seem in the moment.

• Love is based on mutual respect while lust is based on physical attraction alone. When two people truly care about each other, they will always treat one another with respect regardless of what they look like or what they believe in; whereas when two people are only interested in one another physically, they won’t put much thought into their attitudes towards one another beyond appearances or surface-level interests.

Last Words: Taking all this into consideration can help determine whether someone loves or lusts after you; however, ultimately it’s impossible to know for sure unless someone explicitly tells us what their intentions are with our relationships. Be honest with yourself about what kind of signals your partner has been sending so far and don’t settle for anything less than what makes YOU happy! Good luck!