How To Treat A Burn


Whether you regularly spend too much time in the sun, cook on a hot stove, or slay dragons without the use of a shield made of dragon scales — what art thou, an idiot? — chances are you’re going to get burned. They can range from annoying and painful to annoying, painful, and traumatic. While some don’t require much maintenance after some quick home remedies, others can take months to heal physically and years to heal psychologically.

How you know you’re burned
You enjoyed one too many wine coolers while chillaxing down by the quarry, and you fell asleep in the sun. Now the outer layer of your skin (or epidermis) stings when the wind blows, and putting on your shirt makes your skin feel prickly.

What you do
1) Cool the burn by running it under cold water for five or so minutes.
2) Apply petroleum jelly to keep the skin moist; you can also use a product like lidocaine or Burn RX to remove the sting and keep the skin nourished.
3) Apply aloe vera lotion a few times a day until it heals.