How To Treat A Burn


How you know you’re burned

The burn has gone through the second layer of skin (the dermis) and has produced swelling and yellowish blisters. It could have been from too much sun if you were in it unprotected for hours — sheesh, ease up on the wine coolers, Liza — or it could be the result of grabbing a hot dish or pan.

What you do
1) Soak the skin in cool water for 15 minutes, or just take a cold shower.
2) Gently pat the skin dry and apply an antibiotic cream like Neosporin.
3) Cover it with a dry piece of gauze (or any nonstick cloth).
4) Repeat this daily so the burn doesn’t get infected.


How To Treat Burn Freddy KruegerTHIRD-DEGREE BURNS
How you know you’re burned
Chances are your skin no longer looks like skin — instead, it’s stiff and leathery and looks charred. You may require a skin graft or an I.V. with antibiotics to recover fully and prevent infection.

What you do
1) Um, go to the g*ddamned hospital if you haven’t already been taken there.

How you know you’re burned
The screaming is a pretty good indicator. Also, the burn ate through all three layers of your skin, plus your subcutaneous fat, tendons, and possibly muscle and bone. Amputation may be required, and your life is quite possibly in danger.

What you do
With luck, live through it.