How to Wear Streetwear Like a Gentleman

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When you think of ‘streetwear’, the idea that more than likely comes to mind is casual, comfortable, relaxed. It is unlikely to evoke the idea of smart clothing, and surely it’s not what a gentleman would wear? 

Perhaps this was once the truth, but these days streetwear has grown to become something that is much more adaptable and much harder to pigeonhole. In fact, if you want to be smart and still be comfortable, streetwear might be the right option for you. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to wear streetwear like a gentleman to get the best of both worlds. 

Choose The Right Fabric 

Streetwear was originally made to be robust and to essentially be played in. Whether that was skateboarding, jogging, or anything else (although it should not be confused with leisurewear, of course), it was made to last. That’s a good thing; after all, when you spend money on clothes, the last thing you want is for your new garment to fall apart before you get enough wear out of it. 

The problem with this is that those materials were not necessarily smart ones. There was a lot of denim or heavy cotton, and the fit was very loose. In order to make yourself look more like a gentleman, it’s best to look for a more premium fabric. You can still wear hoodies, trainers, and cargo pants, but pick higher quality materials, and you’ll instantly look smarter (plus, don’t have them too loose – it will ruin the smarter look you’re going for). 

Pair Streetwear with Smarter Clothes

Perhaps you’re still not convinced that streetwear can help you look more like a gentleman. Don’t worry – there are other options that can help you. For example, why not combine streetwear like a hoodie with something smarter, like high quality shirts for men? In that way, you aren’t going full-on with any particular style, and if you pair things in the right way, you can make what might have been a very casual look into one that could grace the pages of any fashion magazine. 

It all comes down to style and your own personal taste. What works with what will depend on what you like and what feels comfortable. The beauty of fashion is that you can determine for yourself what it means for you. 

Get The Fit Right

We’ve mentioned the fit of streetwear a few times already, but it is a crucial component of the overall look, so it’s worth looking into more thoroughly. 

If you want to look like a gentleman, wearing baggy clothes is not the right way to go about it. However, you can still wear loose clothes – there is a big difference between the two, and your best bet is to go for a cut that is less form-hugging than the tailoring of yesteryear without making you look as though you’re wearing a tent (which can easily happen when things are just too loose). The most efficient strategy to perform the task is to focus on your trousers. Many popular high-end and low-end streetwear labels have switched from narrow fits to straight-leg forms to allow for greater freedom of movement while skating and greater comfort otherwise. The rest of the outfit can grow from there.