How you can get rid of a wildlife infestation yourself

Wildlife infestations are quite common experiences. Wildlife critters infest all kinds of environments, including homes, commercial properties, and industrial properties. Getting rid of a wildlife infestation is the way to go after noticing the presence of the critters.

You can engage the services of wildlife removal experts, like Nuisance Wildlife Pros, in getting rid of the critters. It can also be a DIY project. This article shares tips for getting rid of the wildlife critters without professional help.


Trap the critters

You can trap the critters to get rid of them from your property. Trapping options are available for the different types of critters, from rats to opossums. For rats, the trap options include lethal traps like snap traps and non-lethal traps like live traps. The trap options for opossums include live traps. The critters are caught and relocated to a new area, in line with the local regulations. Visit to learn more.

We discourage the use of poisons in getting rid of wildlife critters. Poisoning is a highly inhumane method for getting rid of wildlife pests.

Exclude wildlife pests

You can also get rid of wildlife pests from your property by applying exclusion measures. Exclusion could be described as part of preventative measures against wildlife infestations. Measures that makeup exclusion ensure that the property is inaccessible to wildlife critters.

A simple exclusion measure is to identify all possible entry points and eliminate them. Thoroughly inspect indoor and outdoor areas to find all holes and cracks, even the tiniest ones, that can serve as entry points for the different wildlife critters.

Critters like opossums enter properties through the higher areas like attics. Rats can enter properties through all kinds of areas and spaces, including small holes and cracks.

Wildlife critters apply natural openings as entry points. They could also create openings in vulnerable areas. Thus, apart from natural openings, look out for vulnerable areas from wear and tear.

Trimming overhanging trees and branches is another exclusion measure for getting rid of wildlife critters. These overhanging branches and trees serve as bridges for critters that infest spaces such as attics and chimneys. Also, look out for vents and chimneys and confirm that they are well secured and covered.

Fencing is another important exclusion measure for the different wildlife critters. Fences serve as barriers and can especially protect gardens and yards from wildlife critters. The fences could be electrified.

Repel the critters

Repellants are aimed at making a property unappealing to wildlife critters. Repellants can be homemade from readily available materials. They could also be commercial products. Materials that serve as wildlife repellents include cayenne pepper, mothballs, vinegar, and ammonia. The homemade repellents are typically targeted at the sense of smell and taste of the critters.

Repellent plants can also be grown in an area to reduce the activity of wildlife critters. These repellent plants include marigolds and lemongrass.

You can also apply scare tactics in getting rid of wildlife critters. Motion-sensor devices can be applied as part of the scare tactics for different wildlife critters.

Eliminate attractants

Wildlife critters are typically attracted to an area because of the presence of attractants such as the different sources of food and water. Eliminating sources of food and water can help to get rid of the different wildlife critters. You should also eliminate all possible sources of shelter. 

The common sources of food include fallen fruits and seeds. Common sources of shelter for wildlife critters include overgrown shrubbery, brush, and woodpiles.

It is very much possible to get rid of wildlife infestations without professional help. Getting rid of wildlife is both an active and passive process. It is also a mix of short and long-term measures.