Injured at Construction Site: Who Do I Sue?


I was injured while visiting or walking by a construction site. Who can I sue for my injuries?

There are many reasons why you might have to walk by a construction site or have to visit it. As construction sites by definition are dangerous places, they represent a risk not only for those who work there but also for external people. That is why it is expected that site owners or managers must implement the necessary safety measures to safeguard pedestrians, bicycle riders, and others who might find themselves walking by.

Even with the most careful measures in place, it may happen that you are injured be it by a defective scaffold that is hanging too low, or by a construction site vehicle that hits you or runs you over. No matter how mindful you are, accidents can happen when you least expect them. Also, they may be accompanied by injuries that call for extensive medical treatment and have a profound impact on your life.

Common Injuries at Construction Sites

Besides worker’s compensation cases that apply to injured workers at construction sites, pedestrians and bystanders can be injured by:

Falling objects – Heavy objects can fall at a moment’s notice, the equipment can strike you, scaffolding even other people can hurt you.

Exposure to hazardous materials – You may suffer injuries to your lungs, skin, or eyes when dangerous materials are handled in a careless manner near innocent bystanders. Consequences can even be fatal.

Accidents with vehicles – Cranes, heavy dump trucks, backhoes, tractor-trailers, and other construction vehicles can be filled with heavy construction materials. When they strike other cars or a bystander, the resulting injuries can be quite severe.

Slip and falls – Slipping on an uneven construction floor or because objects block the way can also result in accidents and injuries.

Who can you sue for your injuries in construction site accidents?

Construction site accidents are usually complex. In most cases, there may be multiple parties that you may be able to hold legally responsible for what happened to you. These are just some of the people you may file a claim against:

  • The construction company
  • The developer
  • The landowner
  • Subcontractors
  • Individual workers

If you were injured by a vehicle, tools, defective machinery, or other construction-related equipment, you might also be able to pursue a product liability lawsuit.

Recovering Compensation

It may happen that you receive an offer from the insurance company after your accident. Your first reaction might be to accept it and walk away. However, you should be aware that insurance companies tend to start with a lowball offer, hoping that you do exactly that. Don’t leave money on the table and call a construction accident attorney that will help you negotiate a higher amount that will cover the expenses you have incurred due to your injuries.

Construction accident attorney Minc knows that when you work with an attorney, your lawyer can assess the merits of your case and advise you on the best way to proceed in order to recover maximum compensation. Your lawyer will help you put together a strong case with the aim of recovering your medical expenses and any income that you have lost by being unable to return to work. Your lawyer will do the necessary investigation and call upon experts to strengthen your case.