6 Things Every Man Should Know a Little About

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Every man is different. We all have different interests and things we know about. However, there are some topics that seem to come up more often than others. These are topics that others expect us to know something about, just because we are men. If you’re tired of being left out of conversations, here are a few things you may want to spend more time learning a little bit about.


Sports are a common topic among men. Whether it’s football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer, at some point the latest sporting events will come up in conversation. If you don’t know much about sports, it isn’t hard to catch up. You don’t need to be a diehard fan of a certain team in order to follow the conversation. Sometimes it’s as simple as reading the sports section of your local newspaper or watching a sports talk show every once in a while. If you really want to get into sports, consider joining a fantasy sports league. They’re a fun way to learn more about a sport and gives you something to root for when you’re watching the games.

Current Events

Another common topic is current events. Unfortunately, this is more of a wide-ranging subject matter. It can be about anything from the local construction project to the latest political scandal in another country. There’s so much to know about current events that it can often feel hard to talk knowledgeably about them, especially as the topic shifts away from something you know about. The best thing you can do is make it a habit to keep up with current events. Read the newspaper or follow some reputable journalists online. There are even apps that can help. If there’s a subject you don’t know about, feel free to grab a book about it and perform a deep dive.

Drinks and Cigars

For something a little lighter, consider learning more about things like drinks and cigars. For some reason, it’s expected that men know all about different cocktails and types of beers. Even if you’re not a big alcohol drinker, it can be beneficial to learn a little bit about the different types of alcohols and how the most popular cocktails are made. Another popular topic these days is IPA beers. To finish off your knowledge, learn a little bit about premium cigars. With all this, the next time you’re out at a bachelor party and someone is breaking out the cigars and making drinks, you’ll know what’s going on.

How to Fix Things

The ability to fix things is a great skill for anyone, man or woman. It’s not uncommon for men to discuss their latest home improvement project, like how they are remodeling their bathroom or fixing up their car. Knowing the basics of how to fix things will let you offer your two cents on how they should proceed. The best way to learn how to fix things is often through trial and error. So, the next time something of your breaks down, try to fix it yourself. Who knows, you may be able to perform the fix on your own and save yourself some money.

How to Get Around

Whether you’re out traveling the world or just getting around your local city, it’s good to know how to get around. This means knowing the best ways to get from one point to another, along with which ways to avoid. A good sense of direction will aid you a lot in life so it’s good to develop. It will come in handy when you’re out with your friends or when someone stops you and asks for directions. Practice studying your routes and always knowing your surroundings to improve your sense of direction.

How to Dress

Finally, every man should know how to dress themselves. It’s a good skill to be able to pick out an outfit for yourself without relying on the advice of someone else. If you’re ever unsure of what works together, it’s easy to look up example outfits online. Some basics you’ll want to know are how to properly size your clothing, how to mix and match items, and how to finish your outfits off with accessories like glasses and watches.

A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way

You don’t have to be an expert in each of the categories above in order to use them. For example, if someone asks you for help tying their tie, you don’t need to know all the different tie knots. Some basic knowledge in the above topics will help you out more than you think and you’ll be able to easily participate in a lot more conversations.