8 Pizza Facts That’ll Feed Your IQ

pizza facts

You know the basics about pizza — it’s made with dough, cheese, sauce, and probably some stray mustache hairs from the Italian guy who touched and dough, cheese, and sauce. But if you were locked in the Cash Cab and had to answer the $1,000 question — ah, screw it, it’s our fantasy Cash Cab visit — the $1,000,000,000 question and it had to do with when pizza was first sold in New York City, would you know the answer? Probably not, but now you will …

1. Pizza was first sold by the slice in New York City in 1933. Before that, you had to buy the whole pie. Patty’s Pizzeria kicked off the trend, and the city’s other pizzerias soon followed suit. Now “Pizza by the slice” is how most New Yorkers enjoy their pizza — except at John’s in Greenwich Village (and its sattelite locations), which has a strict “no slice” policy (and still has a line around the block on any given day).

johns pizza