18 Mustache Tips From Mustachioed Pro Wrestlers

Slaughter 2

Facial hair requires continuous upkeep if you want to look presentable. And of course, you want to look presentable. Let it get sloppy and you’ll look sloppy and out of character. So whether you’re growing your ‘stache for Movember or because shaving is that goddamn boring, who better to teach us a few lessons about mustaches than guys who have to stay on top of their look to remain in character — professional wrestlers.

From Triple H’s Fu Manchu to to Paul Bearers pasty ‘stache to a before-he-was-a-pariah Hulk Hogan’s horseshoe mustache, we found wrestlers from WWF, WWE, WCW, ECW — and bravo if you know what all of those acronyms mean — to provide mustache maintenance tips for those of us with lip ticklers.

#1. Sgt. Slaughter
When your chin is the size of an ottoman, a mustache as thin as an eyebrow will only accentuate the obvious.

406px Triple h display image

#2. Triple H
An impressive Fu-Manchu will always overshadow a Fabio haircut and bulbous honker.


#3. The Beverly Brothers
No neck? A surefire way to draw attention away from is to sport a combo of a well-groomed ‘stache and mullet.