Is There Evidence That Our Dreams Allow Us to Gaze Into Our Inner Guidance?

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Have you ever woken up after having a dream that you just can’t get out of your head? Your modern brain wants to dismiss it like any other fragment of your imagination. But somehow you are stuck with a feeling that your dream is trying to tell you something you are not aware of.

A lot of people cannot remember their dreams because they might not be connected with your subconscious. But many of us have intuitive dreams that we can recollect the next morning to every little detail. What we don’t realize is that there is a part of our dream that we can’t remember. It is this part that holds the key to solve the problem we are currently dealing with. To discover the hidden message of our dreams we must consult with psychics that understand dreams.

We dream when we enter the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of our sleep. It is the deepest part of our sleep cycle where our subconscious takes over completely. This is when our dreams are a true reflection of what our subconscious is trying to tell us. Our dreams can have telepathic or pre-cognitive implications that our conscious brain cannot feel or understand. They can be quite useful at discovering one’s inner self and help us solve problems we cannot fathom otherwise.

History of Dream Interpretation 

Almost every ancient culture placed great significance in dreams. People in ancient times believed that dreams were a way of communicating with God. Some people believed that our subconscious can leave our bodies and travel to other places while we sleep.

Dream interpretations in modern culture have been influenced by three theories.

Sigmund Freud is said to be one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis. The Freudian theory believes that dreams are a manifestation of our innermost repressed desires. In our dreams, we lose control of our conscious brain which strengthens the impulses of our subconscious.  

The second theory put forward by Carl Jung states that dreams often reveal more to us than they conceal. They express our imagination in the form of mythical narratives.

Gestalt theory suggests that dreams are messages from our subconscious brain to our conscious brain. Our conscious brain applies its interpretations which we feel is our understanding of the dream.

The Connection with Our Dreams

Dreams are most often a psychic intuition presented by the subconscious mind. Our dreams can be pre-cognitive where we dream of an incident that comes true in the future. There have been many documented cases of such dreams where psychics dreamt about major events such as the sinking of the Titanic, assassination of President Kennedy, and many others.

Psychics can interpret elements in our dreams because each element can have a personal interpretation. In someone’s dreams, a snake might mean something good while in another person’s dream it can be a sign of a warning. Dreams can give us more information about our best ideas but they can also be a forewarning of our biggest fears.

Present-Day Dream  Categories

Psychics would sort most of our dreams into three categories.

Skilled Practice

These are the dreams you have when you are trying to learn a new skill. You may be able to improve that skill in your dream. The amazing powers of the brain can help you to practice that skill set so that you can get better at accomplishing your goals. At the time you may be stuck at a problem for the entire day. Your subconscious works on the problem while your sleep and give the solution to you in your dream. At times these dreams also work as a warning about a current situation you are going through so that you can be better prepared to face that situation.

Organizing Your Memories

You might have experienced a dream where you dream of your ex while you are in another relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are still hung up on your ex. It means that your subconscious is finding similarities between your current emotions with the ones you’ve had in the past. Imagine that your brain is a hard disk drive. Your dreams place your memories into individuals folders that have been created to save your emotional files. This makes it easier for your conscious brain to pull up those files as and when necessary.


There are times when you have the solution to your problem inside your mind. But your conscious mind is not able to access that information. In your sleep, your inner soul can access that information and present it to you through your dream. Some theories believe that dreams might even help us connect to the subconscious of other people. In our conscious state, we communicate via speech, touch, and gestures. But when we sleep, we can connect with the souls of others and communicate by subconscious means. This is why people share dreams and at times we see our loved ones telling us the solution to our problems in our dream.

Our dreams can be a treasure of untapped information for us. We can ignore them by calling them creations of our imagination and miss out on that reserve of guidance. Or we can dwell deeper into our spiritual self and seek the help of psychics in the interpretation of our dreams.