iPhone Accessories You Need: Kero Nomad, Cable Weight & Lasso Cable

kero nomad lighting cable

We can be absentminded, and so long as we have our three essential accessories — phone, keys, and wallet, we’re good. But our phones are essentially paperweights if they run out of juice. And remembering to lug your lighting cable around to charge up your iPhone is something we — and we’re guessing you, too — often forget. The Kero Nomad ($21.50 @ Amazon.com) takes care of that.

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The Kero is another Kickstarter success story that makes us jealous we didn’t think of it first. It’s a three-inch, flexible Apple-certified lighting cable that fixes to your keyring. Just pop off the cap and plug it into a USB port and you’re ready to charge. Simple. Suck for you losers Android users, though. The Nomad only works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

kero nomad for apple iphoneAnother Kero products that pair well with your iPhone is the Kero Cable Weight ($25 @ Amazon.com ), which allows you to slip your phone cord under it and charge your phone as it sits upright. It’s good to set up and leave on your desk, bedside table, or end table, but to do that you might need a longer cord. Kero thought of that, too, and offers a 10-foot iPhone lasso cable ($25 @ Amazon.com).


In other words, what we’re trying to say about these three iPhone accessories from Kero …