Kitchen Essentials – The Best Gadgets Men Will Love Using

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If you’re a man who enjoys cooking meals at home, you know very well how important it is to have the right utensils and appliances at your fingertips. That also means that you understand what a paring knife is, and a collection of pans sits nicely on your wall. However, using the same-old, same-old in the kitchen might make life a little boring.

That is why it is up to you to revolutionize your kitchen and the way you cook your food. For that, you will need some cool gadgets, so here they are.

A noodle maker

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to know that noodles made at home are the best thing ever. That is why a pasta machine should find its rightful place on your counter. Besides the obvious advantage of being healthier since you won’t use any preservatives when making them, your noodles, when prepared in this manner, will satisfy you otherwise, too.

They are straightforward to make. You only have to put the ingredients inside, and your noodle maker will deliver about one pound of product in less than 15 minutes. That’s definitely less than the time you would need to dress up, go to the store, buy noodles, and come back if you’re suddenly in the mood for this type of food.

A rotating pizza oven

Who doesn’t love pizza? However, using your full-size oven any time you have a craving for a slice of the famous Italian dish sounds like a chore, and it most probably is. There is a simple solution to that, and a cool one, too.

Get a rotating oven. This kind of oven is pretty impressive, as it is not the type that you insert into a wall, or comes with a door that you need to open to check on your pizza. It makes everything out in the open, and it is equipped with heaters that will bake and give your pizza the most sensational crust in existence.

Also, while it’s not recommended to eat frozen pizzas from the store, you can use this oven for heating them, too. There’s nothing more of a time-saver than this cool gadget.

A tomato slicer

This may be a unitasker, but it is undoubtedly one that will not remain on the bottom of the drawer, unused, like others. While you don’t need a commercial tomato slicer, you can still make great use of a tool that creates perfect slices of this tasty vegetable or fruit – since the debate continues – for equally perfect sandwiches.

Also, when you have friends over, you can impress them with your incredible precision of slicing tomatoes. They don’t have to know anything about your secret. It’s easier to let them believe you have superpowers, anyway.

A julienne peeler

As a home cook, you surely have a peeler, or two, in the drawer destined for storing utensils. But do you have a julienne peeler? If you’re asking what that is, you should know that it is a tool not that different in appearance from a regular peeler, but with marvelous uses.

Any time you read a new recipe and you read there about how carrots or other veggies should be cut julienne style, that’s when this unique type of peeler comes in handy. There is no more need to measure each cut for refined precision. This tool will deliver, just as promised.

A juice extractor

‘But I do have a blender,’ you might say. Well, that’s not the point. The point is that if you want the coolest gadget that is and that you can use for making fresh, natural juice at home, you need a juice extractor.

To make things clear, this one is not a blender, and not your run-of-the-mill juice maker either. It is an expert in making smoothies, as – if you get a high-quality model – it is capable of filtering and squeezing down to the last bit of antioxidant and nutrient-filled existent in any fruit or vegetable.

Another piece of advice is to get a powerful one. Even if you enjoy cooking at home and making your own smoothie, it shouldn’t take considerable more time than standing in line at your favorite smoothie shop. Some models allow you to stuff whole fruits and veggies in them, and they’re also fast.