Man Turns Useless School Bus Into Sweet Motorhome

Bus House 1

Falling asleep in a school bus is typically discouraged, since it often results in something horrific happening to you. Obscenities drawn on your face in permanent marker. A bath in the bodily fluids of others. The robbery of your knapsack.

But Hank Butitta encourages people to fall asleep in his school bus. For his final project while earning a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota, Hank turned an old school bus into a sweet motor home. And then to demonstrate that his project was just for looking at, he embarked on a 5,000-mile road trip to prove how well his project works.

So far, the motor home has cost Hank about $9,000 — that includes the cost of buying the bus itself — and took him almost four months to complete. He had to gut the inside of the bus (imagine all the grotesque, petrified wads of gum he had to scrape out) and build beds, flooring, and storage. And judging by the updates on, where people can follow the bus’s journey, the motor home appears to be keepin’ on keepin’ on.

Although Hank still has more work to do — how about some love for the exterior, guy? — the motor home can currently comfortably…ish sleep six. We hope he got an A+.

Bus House 2

Bus House 3

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