Men’s Hairstyles You Never Knew Can Be This Cute

The new year is the best time to embrace new mens hairstyles for a new look. We are taking the race from the last year’s bolder men’s haircuts and this time we are exploring some of the best and trendiest mens haircuts and styles. From quiffs and comb-overs to undercuts and fades, and even braids and long man buns, we are welcoming this year with stylish and superb looks that fit any hair type and length.

However, there are looks such as fades and undercuts that still remain relevant and trendy this year. As you know, some mens hairstyles never go out of version. Some of the haircuts for men you will expect to see here include side part cuts, Caesar haircuts, French crops, and buzz cuts. Here are styles for men that every guy should try.

1. Crew Cut.

The crew cut has been in the men’s hairstyling arena for decades, and there are no signs that it is going anywhere soon. To rock it differently this year, pair it with faded sides or choose a subtly longer ivy league cut.

2. Undercut.

The undercut has been the trendiest short mens hairstyles in 2019. That is not what it was in 2018. It has been improved with different designs on top such as bangs, pompadours, and quiffs. If you didn’t wear it last year, don’t hesitate this year. It is big and new.

3. Disconnected Undercut.

For the men looking for short hairstyles with an impact, a disconnected undercut will be a fantastic pick. The glam and eye-catching look incorporates shaved sides and longer length at the top. It is a great look to wear if you have beards.

4. Mid Fade.

For a modern and standard look this year, choose a mid-fade mens haircut — the style transitions from long hair to short hair around the temp. You can opt for a drop fade cut where the fade goes past the ear to create a shape like an arc.

5. High Fade.

Incorporating sides that gradually taper from longer to shorter, the high fade is an appealing and cute look every man should try this year. Remember to look for a skilled and experienced hairdresser if you need something continuous, especially in the fades.

6. Buzz Cut.

For men looking for short length mens hairstyles, the buzz cut will be a great haircut for you to try. To maintain this style at the top of the game, complement it with an edgy attitude and the best outfit to match, such as ripped blue jeans and a biker jacket.

7. Caesar Cut.

As the name suggests, this was worn by Julius Caesar himself. This haircut is associated with power, and that is why many men like it. The hair is clipped to a shorter length with a horizontal fringe. You can include a fade for a more modern take on this hairstyle.

8. French Crop.

 This is a standard mens haircut that is now witnessing a great resurgence. The hairstyle incorporates a short length styled at the front to come up with a subtle fringe. This haircut appears great when paired with plenty of texture.

9. Blow Flow.

 If you love long hair, but you need something that would be office appropriate, then a brow flow will be a great look for you. The hairstyle shows a rugged look, but yet so sophisticated. It is a chic option for men of all ages.

10. Pompadour.

If you haven’t rocked a pompadour haircut, you must be missing a lot of fun. However, all is not gone. You still have a chance to rock this on-trend style. Ask your barber to leave some hair long on the crown. You can then apply a gel to style it up and sweep it back until you have that stylish bulge on your head.

11. Slicked Back.

Slicked back mens hairstyles never go out of version. This one is simple and a contemporary look.