The Best Briefcases For Men Under $100


abearth best briefcases for men 50 and under

3. AB Earth Vintage Leather Men’s Briefcase ($99 @

With soft leather described “as a good leather jacket that has been broken into,” this vintage, rugged briefcase can hold a laptop, books, papers and other necessities without looking too bulky. The detachable strap can make toting easier if you want to transform it into a messenger bag.

samsonite delegate aluminum briefcase best for men

4. Samsonite Luggage Delegate Ii Aluminum Attache Computer Bag ($97

Samsonite is a brand people trust, and his aluminum briefcase will keep your documents protected. Yeah, it’s a little on the “I’m a spy or holding something super important” variety, but so what. It’s still goddamn cool looking, right? With adjustable padded bars, the Samsonite Aluminum Attache Computer Bag claims to fit most laptops.