4 Great Electric Razors for Men

shave electric razor tips

Manual razors are all fine and good, but what if you want to bring a little extra power to your shave? Here, we’ve selected a few choices of the best electric razor for men who need something more solid than a disposable blade.

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braun razor#1. Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver System ($200 @ Amazon.com)
This advanced shaver offers the most cutting-edge design and technology. Not only does the 790cc provide 10,000 micro vibrations to grab more hair, but it also comes with a cleaning center that lubricates, charges and dries your shaver with the press of a button.

electric razor panasonic#2. Panasonic Pro-Curve Shaver ($150 @ Amazon.com)

This wet and dry shaving system is perfect for men on the go. You’ll get close to 12 uses from one charge, and the pivoting head follows the curves of your face for an incredibly close shave every time.

phillips norelco#3. Philips Norelco AT810 Powertouch ($60 @ Amazon.com)
The Powertouch is another wet and dry shaver, but it features one important distinction: The blades work to lift your hair from just below the skin level, so you get an extra-smooth shave that lasts well beyond that of other systems. Plus, this shaver comes with an integrated trimmer for mustaches and sideburns.

panasonic#4. Panasonic ES Shaving System ($150 @ Amazon.com)
When it comes to the best electric razor for men, Panasonic offers a number of unbeatable choices. We love the ES-LF51-A for its four-blade cutting system, LED indicator display and pivoting head. What’s more, some models come with a travel pouch, so you can pack your Panasonic everywhere you go.

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