Badass Blades That’ll Make You Wish For a Knife Fight

badass blades for a knife fight

If the blade you’re using isn’t capable of doing you severe bodily damage when you inevitably misuse it, something is wrong. Any knife- or razor-type deal you own should be something Rambo, Crocodile Dundee, or Michael Myers would be proud to own. So look sharp and make sure your sharp stuff looks sharp with this cutting-edge guide to battle-worthy blades.

badass blades and knives boker usa straight razorBoker USA Edelweiss Straight Razor with Bone Handle ($153 @

Best used for: Shaving, ear removal

There are safety razors on the market that are perfectly capable of clear-cutting stubble from your face, but they’d look pretty silly in the hands of a violent psychopath out for misguided revenge. (We’re talking about Reservoir Dogs, in case you missed that.) The Boker USA Edelweiss straight razor is handmade in the U.S. and A, and is tough enough to slice through more than just hair and stay sharp for longer than you will.