5 Of The Best Hair Dyes For Men

The Best Hair Dyes For Men#1. Just For Men Autostop ($9 for single pack / $29 for 3 pack @ Amazon.com)

AutoStop is designed to take the mess and complication out of dying hair. (We suppose you can call it “the best hair dye for men who are lazy” if you want to get technical.) A tube of dye attaches to a plastic hairbrush that’s included in the box; you then comb through the gray, wait 10 minutes, and wash it out. Pretty idiot-proof.

PROS: Ease of use, makes it almost impossible to go too dark, doesn’t take long to apply

CONS: Limited to five colors, not recommended for facial hair, the brush applicator may not work with your hair (in which case it’s back to scrubbing the dye into your hair with gloved hands)