Destination Inebriation: Fun Bars in NYC

FUN BARS IN NYCSo you’ve made it to New York City and you’re looking to enjoy a night on the town. Whether you’re a tourist or have lived in NYC your whole life, there are always new, fun bars in NYC to try. Check out a few of these the next time you get a chance. Who knows, maybe they’ll turn into your weekly watering hole.

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McSorley’s Old Ale House: If you’re looking for a bar this is just that: a classic, with bartenders who know beer, liquor, and are general inebriation experts. It’s a place to go with friends, drink, and enjoy the bar life.

Iron Horse: If scantily-clad waitresses, an occasional flaming bar, and loud music are your thing, the Iron Horse is for you. The women are beautiful, the countertops hot, and the drinks (let’s be honest) overpriced. Still, you’re going to have a memorable evening here.

Rudy’s Bar and Grill: So maybe flaming tops and hot counters aren’t your thing. Rudy’s is free of ego: The drinks are cheap, the place is always packed, and the booths are less leather and more red duct tape. Awesome.

Otto’s Shrunken Head: The best spot in town if your ears guide you as much as your alcoholic appetite. Otto’s has great live music, DJs, and great 80’s punk rock. Go elsewhere for techno and “house” music. You’re in for some honest to goodness tunes and drinks here.

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This is a small sample of the fun bars in NYC, but it does offer a diverse look at what the city offers: everything. Whatever you’re into as a companion to your intoxication, NYC has it. You’ve just got to hunt.