How to Quit Your Job Like a Boss

how to quit your jobKeep It Quiet

You might be tempted to tell your buddies at work that you’ll be gone pretty soon, but it’s better to keep things quiet. Not knowing what allegiances have been formed behind closed doors could mean that your bosses find out before you have the chance to tell them for yourself.

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Two Weeks Notice

In the working world, it’s generally appropriate to give two weeks notice before you leave a job. This time period gives the bosses the necessary amount of time to find a replacement for you, and it is just the polite step to take. However, extreme circumstances may dictate otherwise.

Short and Simple

It’s unlikely that your bosses want or need to hear you go on and on about why you are leaving the position. Quitting your job shouldn’t be comparable to writing a novel. Unless you feel that you owe them a lengthy explanation, keep it to the point.

Have a Plan

A major step in how to quit your job is to have some sort of backup plan. Either a new job should be lined up or you should have enough money to last you for at least a few months without work.Quitting your job can be a scary thing, we know. But sometimes it’s necessary for future career growth. Or maybe just your sanity.