Funny and Cute Pickup Lines

Cute Pickup LinesThese days, dating has become something many people do on social networking sites. Actual face-to-face interaction is decreasing, and more people are meeting online instead of in bars or out in public places. Still, it is important to know the art of meeting a potential love interest and sparking that initial first flame. It is in these instances that cute pickup lines can be useful. While some pickup lines can be lame, rude or cheesy, there are still some good ones out there that may endear you to the opposite sex.

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Pickup lines have been used for years to provide humor in an otherwise awkward situation and give suitors something to say at times when they may not have anything more original prepared. Whether you choose to go the funny route or attempt to use a cutesy pickup line, try to make sure the person you are using it on will be perceptive to that line. It should also be appropriate for the environment you are in.

Not everyone goes for pickup lines. Some people will think you are lame no matter which line you use on them. If that is the case, a wry smile can suggest you were giving the pickup line an ironic spin. You can choose to make up your own creative pickup lines or find hundreds of tried and true pickup lines in various books or online. Some cute lines to use on your next date are: “If you are here, then who’s in charge of heaven?” or “Hey, you are pretty and I am cute. Together, we are pretty cute!”

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