Interview Clothing: How to Dress for the Job You Want

interview clothingGetting a job interview is good news. But after an employer has seen your resume and invited you to this meeting, what else can you do to increase your chances of securing an offer? Do what other guys have done and wear the ideal interview clothing.

First Impressions Are Significant
In some cases, a company has already decided, or is close to deciding, that you’re worth hiring. Don’t spoil your chances for victory with interview clothing that says you’re anything less than professional. It’s superficial, but appearance matters significantly at this point. Your perfectly clean, wrinkle-free clothing and shined shoes will convey the right look. If you’ll be carrying a resume or other documents to the interview, be sure to use a professional-looking binder or other document holder.

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Dress for the interview, not the job.
Show respect for the interview process and put on a suit. Even if the job will allow you to dress down every day, it’s better to be dressed too formally than too casually.

Clothes Make the Man
The saying that clothes make the man refers to the transformation in confidence the right attire can provide. Wear interview clothing that gives you great pride in yourself. If you’ve lost weight, see a tailor for alterations.

Wear a Watch
Using a cell phone to monitor time is fine in your personal life, but in an interview situation, it can cost you the job. Wear a watch and silence your cell phone.

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