Lifting Workouts for Men

ez curl b maleYou have the car and the job, and you know your wit is as irresistible as free samples at the grocery store. Now, you just need to make a few tweaks to your body to finally get the attention of the cute girl in the office next door. Improve your physique with these lifting workouts for men. Complete three sets of 8 to 10 reps of each of the following exercises. Choose a weight that is heavy enough that you begin to struggle on your last two reps.

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Step 1: Squat
The key to building the body of a Greek god is to start from the bottom up. Build a solid foundation by strengthening your glutes and hamstrings with squats.

Step 2: Press
Nothing will attract the attention of the female kind quite like a tight shirt over an impressive chest. Improve your pectorals’ presence with the bench press. This essential lifting exercise for guys will gradually improve the size of your chest.

Step 3: Curl
Hammer curls, bicep curls, barbell curls, etc. will beef up your arms from tiny pea shooters to glorious guns.

Step 4: Crunch
The final piece to these lifting workouts for men is to work on that six-pack. No, not the six pack of beer sitting in your fridge. Weighted crunches, whether done on the floor or on an incline, will help your gut go from garbage can to washboard abs.

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