How to Meet Women While Working Out

how to meet women at the gymOne of the main reasons you put your time in at the gym is to make sure women don’t find you physically repulsive when you’re not at the gym. Sure, it’s possible to pick up women at the gym, but it can be tough when your face is grotesquely twisted in agony as you do drop sets.

Still, you can work out and meet women … you just have to choose your workouts. Not all of them are for every guy — um, how do you feel about trapezes? — but you’ll find at least one here that’ll be both enjoyable and productive.

Beach volleyball
Whether you join a pick-up game or an actual league, it’s great for meeting people. For one, you’re all wearing bathing suits. Plus, it’s a team sport, so you have an immediate reason to bond with and chat up your teammates.

Co-ed softball
Okay, it’s slightly less sexy than beach volleyball — polyester baseball pants do no one any favors — but it’s also more laid back. For instance, any self-respecting softball team goes out for post-game beers … or even better, enjoys during-game beers.

One great thing about tennis is that men and women can often play competitively against each other. So show up with a buddy and challenge a pair of women to a doubles — or mixed doubles — game.

Yoga or Pilates
It’s easy to look like a total jackass, but the payoff can be great. So do your homework. Buy a DVD and practice the basic moves at home before you join a class; that way, you won’t look around cluelessly when asked to get into Child’s Pose … though you may not be able to help ogling while in Downward Facing Dog.

Trapeze or Cirque Classes
Sure, there are downsides: One, you’ll be flying through the air and may feel absolutely ridiculous. Also, any male instructors are sure to be shirtless and in crazy shape. Still, you’ll get major points for being open-minded enough to try it, and the adrenaline rush your fellow classmates will feel will make them want to do be daring after class as well.