The Best Hats for Men

the best hats for menNothing says style like a classic hat. Whether you’re searching for a sports cap, need a casual summer fedora or want to hit the slopes with the best performance beanies, we’ve got the line on the best hats for men.

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Every hat collection needs a variety of caps and snapbacks. If you’re looking for something to wear during a workout, try the Nike Dri-Fit options. These featherweight hats feature technology designed to keep you cool. Prefer to watch a sports game rather than play it? Grab a few of the Polo Ralph Lauren sports caps in white, black, tan and denim-blue. You’ll wear them everywhere, and the Polo logo is always in style.

Of course, sometimes you need something a little warmer. If you’re hitting the slopes — or shoveling the car out of a blizzard — check out The North Face fleece beanies. They’ll keep your head and ears warm no matter how low the temperature goes, and they’re made out of sustainable polyester for eco-conscious customers.


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Need a more formal option? Fedoras are the best hats for men who want to dress up an outfit. Choose from Tommy Bahama’s straw or braided-paper options, or go extra-classy with the American Rag Banded Khaki Linen fedora. You can even toe the line between formal and casual with a stately driving cap; brands like Brixton, Goorin Brothers and Stetson make the most popular versions, but you’ll also find some great options from Ted Baker London, New Era and Wigens.