Three Best Trips for Guys

japanSometimes, you need to shake the dust off your shoes and take off for a while. There’s nothing at home but a television full of Netflix and an empty TIVO, and if one more Friday night at the karaoke bar is going to lead to some serious mental anguish, it is time for you to hit the road! When you need to get out of town, where should you go? Check out one of these three best trips for guys.

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New Orleans, United States
Lots of people have already talked about the French Quarter, and you’re not going to get any argument from us if you want to see what one of the wildest party centers in the United States has to offer. However, if you want to enjoy some great food, see some amazing history and view some impressive wildlife before it is gone forever, this is the town for you.

Sydney, Australia
When you want to see the best of what Australia has to offer, consider starting out in Sydney. This wonderfully amazing city has a bit of city bustle and a bit of low-key relaxation that has made it one of the three best trips for guys in the world. After Sydney, head north to the vacation fun of Canberra or head west into the rugged interior of Australia.

Tokyo, Japan
If you want to see one of the most exciting and modern cities in the world, you need to head to Tokyo. From impressive skyscrapers to haute cuisine that makes New York look dull, Tokyo has it all. For the gadget and gaming nuts out there, Akihabara is the district to hit.