Mediterranean Must-Haves: Packing Essentials for Your Summer Getaway

The Mediterranean is the best destination to spend this summer, as it has gorgeous cities, breathtaking coasts, delicious cuisine and ancient history, and with so many things to see and experience, no one can’t resist its charm. As summer is around the corner, you have surely started to think about the lazy and long days you will spend lying at one of the beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. A holiday in that area is always a great idea, whether you have decided to visit one (or several) of the uncountable Greek Islands or want to make unforgettable memories around the Calabrian coastline in Italy

But here comes the question: What should you pack for your summer getaway? Women already know what they will take with them even before they book their flights and accommodations. But for men, things get challenging, as they usually pack at the last minute and often forget to take with them their summer essentials. But don’t worry, as we are here to help you, and if you are a gentleman looking to prepare for his Mediterranean holiday, we have you covered. Keep reading, and at the end of the article, you can already make your suitcase to prepare for a memorable destination.



If you need a comfortable but stylish T-shirt, then polo is the best option for you, as it is a timeless summer classic. Over the years, polos have been worn by people worldwide, including athletes, fashion icons, and individuals with regular jobs. But why do so many people from all around the globe wear polos? Well, the answer is quite obvious, as polos are versatile and look amazing on anyone. Just picture yourself wearing a polo and a pair of shorts while walking on the beach late at night, and you will see why polo is the best solution for any gentleman who wants to stay comfortable but stylish. 


Swimwear is another summer essential you need to focus on, especially when your holiday is at the Mediterranean Sea. If your summer getaway is in a stunning city very close to the sea, you will spend most of the time enjoying the warm water and lying down at the beach, so you will need great swimwear. Designer swim trunks are the best option when you are looking for swim shorts, as they are more qualitative and come in various prints, colors and designs. And now, you are ready to dive right into that crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Comfortable footwear

You will surely participate in many activities on your holiday, so you need the right footwear to protect your feet. When you are looking for summer footwear, you should pick something with lightweight materials that will allow any gentleman to maintain a stylish appearance while not sacrificing comfort. Gentlemen can choose from many options, including boat shoes, canva sneakers, and leather sandals.

Boat shoes are stunning and are suitable for summer, as they are an excellent combination of style and comfort, made to withstand wet conditions, and this is why they are perfect for lounging at the pool or lying at the beach. Canva sneakers are also great, as they are flexible, lightweight, and breathable, so anyone will remain comfortable all day. Plus, as they are very versatile, they can be paired quite with anything, be it with a casual or formal outfit. Or, if you prefer open-toed footwear, you can pick some leather sandals to elevate any outfit. 

Summer suits

Although it is summer, men can also choose to stay professional and wear suits with breezy cuts and lightweight materials that will allow them to stay comfortable and cool. The best materials for summer are light wool blends, seersucker, and linen, which are perfect for the warm weather, as they resist wicked moisture and wrinkles. The best color to choose from is light shades of beige, light blue or pastels. Whether you want to go to a fancy restaurant or have a date and want to impress, you can wear suits that will make you elegant while also beating the heat. 


The locals from the cities scattered around the Mediterranean Sea might be blessed with olive oil skin, but they also protect themselves from the sun, and so should you. Yes, you probably want to go to the beach to get a perfect tan, but you surely don’t want to experience skin damage and severe burns that will be hurtful and ruin your trip. So, sunscreen should be your best friend on this holiday, and you must always apply an SPF. Also, remember to reapply the SPF each time you go out of water. 


Sunglasses are also something you should pack for your summer getaway, as they are accessories that will enhance your look and protect you from intense UVA rays. When you choose your sunglasses, you should pick something that fits you well, suits your face shape and is comfortable. But if you don’t know what to choose, you can always pick something classic, such as wafers, aviators, and round frames, with a timeless design that will never go out of style. Keep in mind to invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses to ensure they last a long time and offer good UV protection. 


Watches should not be missed from a summer gateway, as they are timeless, sophisticated pieces that always sit nicely on a man’s wrist. The good news is that you can also choose water-resistant options, perfect for a holiday in the Mediterranean Sea. So, pack your favorite watch, and you are one step closer from finishing packing.

Don’t forget to bring the hygienic products, and you are ready. See? It wasn’t that hard to pack your summer essentials. Italy, Greece, France (or any other country you wish to visit), here we go!