Moving Tips for Summer 2022

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Summer is a peak home selling and buying season. Many people find the sunny weather an ideal time to relocate to a new property. It will be easier to move the car and the entire household. If you are one of this year’s new homeowners, planning your move should start soon. Below are some moving tips for summer 2022:

Find the Right Home Moving and Vehicle Shipping Companies

Looking for the right home moving company is a priority during your summer move. Doing this before summer comes will be ideal. The summer months have Memorial Day and Labor Day celebrations. The week between these holidays is the busiest during the season. Timing your move before or after that week can save you a huge headache.

The same applies to hiring a car transport company. Looking into the car shipping companies in your area can take some time. Scheduling your car shipping during a non-hectic week can help prevent untoward problems. The search for reputable home movers and car shippers can begin online. From there, you can create a shortlist of the most experienced companies in your area.

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Reading about these companies on the Better Business Bureau site can help determine if the companies are good at what they do. Going through customer reviews can show you how these companies deal with clients. Talking to your friends and family members about recommendations can help you decide as well.

As soon as moving is final, book your mover and shipper. You may need to pay a higher fee for the move. Consider the fees so that you can adjust your moving and shipping budget. Do your best to choose a weekday schedule. This can lower your total costs.

Prepare a Summer Essentials Bag

Purging and packing must happen early. While this happens, you should also prepare a bag of summer moving essentials. Get a bag big enough to contain your money, IDs, chargers, and gadgets. Portable fans and water can help you fight the heat. This bag of essentials should be ready for any form of travel. It should be easy to carry or access as well.

A bad sunburn is never a welcome thing. Packing your waterproof sunscreen is important as well. Moving in and out of your current and new home will mean exposure to intense UV rays. Applying sunscreen and keeping it handy to reapply is an advantage.

Keep Everything Cool

Your air conditioning must be working well until you leave your current home. At the same time, you should prepare cold drinks for yourself, your family, and the movers on moving day. This can help reduce stress and fatigue from the heat. Everyone will be thankful for the refreshments.

Dress appropriately for the move. Having several pieces of fresh clothing to change into can prevent you from getting drenched with sweat. Cold, damp towels can help make walking in the heat more tolerable. If you have pets, keep them in an air-conditioned room until it is time to leave. This will prevent them from overheating.

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Pack Well

Packing a week before moving day can prevent living out of your moving boxes if you pack too early. This will be enough time to pack the items you can use in your new home. Use proper moving boxes for the move. These boxes are designed to withstand the elements and the movements in the transport truck. Labeling each moving box while you pack can make it easier to locate your things when you arrive in your new home. You can use blankets and socks as cushions for your breakable items.

Discontinue Your Services Early

You should inform the water, cable, power, internet, and gas companies of your moving day at least a week ahead can smoothen things out in time. This will be enough time to transfer your accounts to your new address. It will be convenient and comfortable during this hot season to have the air conditioning and ventilation already running in your new home when you arrive.

Summer Moving Can Be Challenging but Exciting

It can be challenging for some people to move from point A to point B in the summer heat. Even so, it can still be a good move with the help of the mentioned tips. Preparing before the summer months can help you secure the services of a reputable home mover and car shipper on a summer weekday. The assistance of trained professionals can make your move easier, with more peace of mind. Then, you can be sure to enjoy the rest of your summer in the comfort of your new home.