Now Athletic Tape is Stickier, Stretchier, and Stronger


If you’ve ever had your ankles taped by a novice you know just how awful it feels when you take your first few clunky steps with your newly taped up pegs. StrengthTape ($16 for 5 meters/20 precut strips) has improved this by adding 10 percent more stretch to their product. And in an effort to make a profit, their tape is meant for all of your limbs, joints, or muscles — fingers, knuckles, wrists, shoulders, calves, shins knees, and more.

Since we’re guessing you have no idea how to apply it properly — we certainly didn’t — they have you covered via this thing called the “internet.” Maybe you’ve heard of it? We certainly haven’t. Videos and step-by-step instructions are available for virtually every body part except your … you get the idea.

One of our editors used a precut strip on his tender wrist that got jacked by countless hours of practicing … uh … wristlocks in martial arts class. The good news: the product lived up to its word. It was more comfortable and flexible than the wrist brace he’s worn for the past few weeks.

The fact that they’ve made tape extra sticky is a good thing — 30 percent stickier, in fact — but it’s a terrible thing if you accidentally allow it to fold over the stick to the tape. We found it’s easy to do over and over and over again if you’re not careful.

He didn’t apply any taping base or tape removal spray, so his hair was ripped off when the tape was removed. Thing is, it would have been far less painful if the editor wasn’t such a raging crybaby. StrengthTape can be used for up to five days, but our editor ditched it after each use because he’s a wasteful jerk who hates Mother Nature, and he didn’t want to deal with asshole co-workers who pry about what happened. Showing concern? The nerve of you!

Color options include black, red, green, blue, grey, purple, pink and some weird hybrid we couldn’t name. It looked like a mix between flesh, rose pedals, and a smiling kangaroo.