Oral Health Facts For Men

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The essence of maintaining excellent oral health is often ignored by many because they lack an understanding of how oral health affects and influences overall health. What they do not know is that oral health has an existing relationship with overall health. This means that oral health issues often reflect in a person’s overall health. Some oral health issues like dry mouth and sores can affect the overall health through respiratory problems and more, leading to more severe health issues for the individual.

Oral health should be treated with utmost importance because the organs of the oral help in digestion (breaking down food), respiration, appearance, communication, and more. Oral health issues occur in every individual irrespective of sex, but it was discovered that these oral health issues occur at different rates amongst men and women. Dr. Price at the Altima Thornhill Dental Center explained that the difference in oral health issues between the two sexes is primarily because of the varying habits and activities shared amongst both genders.

Confirming what was earlier said, various dental care agencies have explained that habits and activities can affect an individual’s oral health. The kind of activities an individual engages in and the habits possessed affect the individual’s oral health. To better understand this fact, it was explained that oral hygiene is a combination of activities that, when practiced consistently, become habits.

This article will focus on men’s oral health by highlighting the facts that explain the state of a man’s oral health while suggesting ways to improve their oral health. These facts will be listed and explained below. So, ensure to read to the end.

Skipping Dental Visits

Regarding oral health, women are more dedicated to maintaining excellent oral health than men. Understand that visiting the dentists occurs in two distinct scenarios, they are:

  • Preventive dental visits: These visits are primarily done to prevent oral health issues from happening; that is: these visits happen before oral health issues occur and to stop them from occurring. The dentist checks for signs of oral health issues and procures solutions to stop them.
  • Corrective dental visits: These visits are done to correct oral health issues that have already happened. Here, the dentist diagnosis the patient and prescribe treatment to help resolve and correct oral health issues.

Studies have shown that men prefer to visit (corrective visit) the dentist when signs of oral health issues are noticed than women who visit the dentist before any oral health issue and make a habit of it.

Poor Oral Health Routine

An oral health routine is described as oral hygiene, involving activities that help improve oral health, resulting in excellent oral health. Men tend to suffer from oral diseases because most men fail to make a habit of oral health routines like brushing regularly, marinating correct nutrition, and more.

Most men fail to see the need to brush twice daily or after every meal, while most women develop the habit of brushing twice daily, if not after every meal. Lack of correct nutrition also affects oral health. With women, regular visits to the dentist give them knowledge of the kind of meals that are harmful or beneficial to their oral health, while most men get to know this after suffering from an oral health challenge.


Specific drugs affect oral health, resulting in issues like dry mouth. These oral health issues affect overall health. Some health drugs given to patients with specific health conditions result in side effects predominantly on oral health. Medications for heart diseases can affect oral health, and results have shown that men are the highest percentage of heart diseases patients.

Bad Habits

Bad habits like drug abuse and alcohol intake affect oral health. Men have a higher percentage of people who indulge in excess drug use and alcohol consumption. Thus increasing their chances of developing oral health issues.

Risk Of HPV (Human Papillomavirus)

This virus leads to oral cancer and is found with poor oral health. Since men have a higher percentage of poor oral hygiene, they are more likely to contract this virus than women. Although, if this virus is discovered early, it can be cured.

Ways Of Improving Oral Health

  1. The standard for brushing the teeth is twice a day and regularly with fluoride-containing toothpaste.
  2. The act of flossing helps remove plaques that form on the teeth.
  3. Dental visits are not restricted to individuals with oral health issues, but for all.
  4. Avoid poor nutrition like sugary foods


Men often prefer to give more importance to oral health when looking for a remedy for bad and more expensive oral health issues. However, the best way to achieve excellent oral health is by caring for your mouth, even before these issues arise. This article has highlighted some essential facts about men’s oral health.