Planting Tips: How Many Daffodil Bulbs Per Square Foot?


When planting, there is no definitive answer for how much space to leave between spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and alliums. A rule of thumb is to plant bulbs three times as deep as they are tall. For example, if a bulb is 2 inches tall, you would plant it 6 inches deep. This is a general guideline, and you may need to adjust based on your soil type and the size of the bulb. However, there is no such specific rule for the density of planting.

However, you may be sure of one thing: they always look their best when planted generously. Daffodils look much prettier when planted in a group rather than as isolated bulbs. That is why we recommend planting at least 10-15 bulbs per square foot. This will give you a beautiful, full display that will last for weeks.

About Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the most popular spring-flowering bulbs on — check them, and you’ll find something for your garden, too. They are easy to grow and care for and naturalize easily, meaning they will come back year after year with little effort on your part. Daffodils come in a wide range of colors, from classic yellow and white to more unusual shades like orange and pink.

There are many different varieties of daffodils, so you can choose the ones that best fit your garden. For example, the “Tahiti” daffodil is a miniature variety that only grows to about 6 inches tall. On the other hand, the ‘King Alfred’ daffodil can grow to be more than 2 feet tall!

No matter what type of daffodils you choose, they will all bloom in the spring and bring a touch of cheer to your garden. However, many gardeners ask themselves — how many daffodil bulbs should I plant together? We have an answer to this question.

Planting Density and Depth

How many daffodil bulbs to plant per square foot? When it comes to daffodils, you can plant them a little closer together than other spring bulbs. They are versatile and can tolerate being planted in both sun and shade. They also have a long blooming season so you will enjoy their beauty for weeks on end. We recommend planting daffodils 10-12 inches apart so you can get a nice, full display. This is how many bulbs to plant together you should consider.

When planting daffodils, it is crucial to plant them at the correct depth. If they are planted too shallow, they will not bloom. If they are planted too deep, they may not bloom as well. The ideal depth for planting daffodils is 4-6 inches deep.

Soil Type

Daffodils will grow in almost any type of soil as long as it is well-drained. They prefer neutral to slightly acidic soil, but they will tolerate alkaline soils as well. If your soil is heavy or clay-like, you may need to add some organic matter to improve the drainage.

How to Plant Daffodils

Planting daffodils is a simple process that just about anyone can do. First, you will need to prepare the planting area. If you are planting in the fall, simply clear away any debris or dead leaves. If you are planting in the spring, you will need to dig a hole 4-6 inches deep and 10-12 inches wide.

Once the planting area is prepared, you can start adding your daffodil bulbs. Place the bulbs in the hole with the pointed end facing up. If you are unsure which end is up, simply take a look at the bulb. The roots will be on the bottom, and the shoots will be on the top.

After you have placed the bulbs in the hole, you can start filling it in with soil. Tamp down the soil gently so that the bulbs are secure. Water the area well to help settle the soil and encourage growth.

When to Plant Daffodils

The best time to plant daffodils is in the fall, about 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes. This gives the bulbs time to establish roots before the winter. However, you can also plant daffodils in the spring, as long as the ground is not frozen. If you live in an area with a mild climate, you can even plant daffodils in the winter!

Care and Maintenance

Once your daffodils are planted, they will need very little care. They are very drought-tolerant, so you don’t need to water them unless there is a prolonged dry spell. If you do need to water them, be sure to soak the ground thoroughly so the roots can get the moisture they need.

Daffodils are also quite resistant to pests and diseases, so you don’t need to worry about that either. And it also doesn’t influence how many daffodils per square foot you should plant. The only thing you really need to do is deadhead the flowers as they start to fade. This will encourage the plant to produce more flowers.

Now that you know how many daffodil bulbs to plant together, it’s time to get out there and plant some! With a bit of care, you will have a beautiful display of daffodils in your garden for years to come.