Revitalise your automotive dealership with call tracking


Are you looking for new and innovative ways to boost your car dealership? If the answer’s yes, then you should certainly equip yourself with one of the most effective business tools for the job – call tracking.

By incorporating advanced software – such as Mediahawk call tracking, for instance – into your dealership, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your marketing, and see waves of engagement come flooding through your car dealership.

To give you a better understanding of how this can be done, this article will take you through what call tracking software is and how it can help boost your car dealership.

What is call tracking software?

Call tracking software is a highly expert business tool that consists of extensive analytics and data surrounding your customer calls.

The software uses a vast range of detailed call metrics to dissect and track various aspects of your customer calls. The data can reveal things like – the area code of each caller, the caller’s phone number, the length of each call, and the call abandonment rate – among many others.

As well as providing detailed metrics, your software will also give you a wide range of intricate reports and insights on customer engagement throughout your dealership marketing.

Using this data, you can then create customer journey maps that show the specific journeys of every customer through your sales cycle, including every touchpoint they visit before, during, and after they call – but also including the journeys of those who don’t call.

With its meaningful insights and metrics, call tracking gives you a superior method of analysing your marketing performance, and establishing the different areas of your dealership marketing that drive the most leads and sales.

How can call tracking boost your car dealership?

Call tracking software can significantly boost your car dealership in a number of ways, which include:

  • Improving your customer communication

Call tracking can massively benefit your car dealership through improving your customer communication.

A key feature you can add to your call tracking software is speech analytics. This feature transcribes all your phone conversations, whilst also picking up on any keywords mentioned in the call that are important to your dealership.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to assess and review how your customers are engaged over the phone, and make improvements based on the data: Is the customer mentioning words which indicate a desire to purchase? Is the customer satisfied when the call ends?

By refining these key areas with speech analytics, you’ll have greater customer satisfaction from your calls, and will therefore have a higher number of sales conversions.

  • Enhancing your marketing content

With the reports and insights offered by your software, you’ll be able to monitor your marketing performance, and make adjustments to your marketing content to increase engagement.

Once you’ve identified the main campaigns delivering the highest number of leads and sales, you can analyse what type of content is being used, so you can then replicate this in any future campaigns you create.

For instance, there could be a specific topic in certain campaigns which draws the most engagement.

By enhancing your content in this way, you’ll have more marketing campaigns driving leads and sales for your dealership.

  • Strengthening your brand image

Call tracking can also help you strengthen your dealership’s brand image.

Firstly, by refining your communication as mentioned above, your customers will see your dealership as a source of excellent customer service, and professional interaction.

Also, once you identify the areas that are receiving the most engagement, you can make sure you direct most of your marketing campaigns towards these areas with high volumes of visitors – this could be a particular marketing channel, for instance.

This will help create more brand awareness, and ensure more customers are seeing the expertise and high-quality services your dealership is offering.

With a greater awareness and trust in your brand, your dealership will naturally flourish with higher engagement from customers.

With the right call tracking software implemented in your car dealership, you’ll gain a fresh boost to both your marketing efforts and dealership growth as a whole.