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Preparing for a divorce can be overwhelming. The process can be complicated and take a bit longer than expected. According to your state, a court may decree a divorce decree if a spouse has been separated for a year or two. However, you must prepare yourself for the divorce to ensure that you are fully protected.

Since there is no joy in a divorce, your aim should be to have a less stressful process. To achieve this, follow the following tips:

Consult a Marriage Counselor

Divorce can be traumatizing. You never thought you’d need legal help to separate from your spouse. However, now that time has come, a marriage counselor will be of great help to assist you in getting through this challenging moment. A marriage counselor will guide you on how to cope with the situation and give you tips to help you deal with your emotions without the risk of getting depressed.

Get a Good Attorney

As said before, the divorce process is challenging. In a complicated process like this, you need an attorney to ensure that your rights are observed, and you receive the right share of your assets as stated by law.

Get an attorney who has been practicing divorce law for a long time. The attorney should also be collaborative during the process.

If you and your partner are open to settling the matter without any legal intervention, go for it. It is cheaper, and you save yourselves from court procedures. However, if you must go to the court, ensure you have a capable lawyer who can litigate your case in a divorce court. The lawyer should also have the urge to settle quickly and have a will to fight on your behalf if needed.

Setting up a QDRO

This is the US order that deals with the division of properties during a divorce or a legal separation. The order helps in splitting joint assets, including a pension plan and retirement plan. Consulting with a QDRO attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of a QDRO agreement.

Get Financial Information

What is your family’s financial status? The main achievement in a divorce is getting equal shares of marital assets as well as debts. To get a fair fraction, you should be aware of the wealth and debts acquired during your marriage. To determine the financial information, you should:

Determine your assets

Some marital assets, such as financial accounts, marital home, and vehicles, are shared equally. List other available assets and have their documents. You should also indicate the current value and how the asset was purchased (was it bought by joint or separate funds). Get a copy of the evaluation of the existing assets. Hand over copies of all legal documents of assets and keep copies for yourself.

Determine your debts

Marital debts are shared depending on who is more capable of paying, not by the name to which the debt is. Get a credit report to determine what you owe. After knowing the amount of debt you have, get statements on the active accounts with their balance. Hand over a copy to your lawyer and keep one for yourself.

Determine Your Salary

Ensure to have documents indicating both your salaries. If you both receive a salary, all you need is recent payslips and a recent income tax return.

It is much difficult to determine the income of a self-employed spouse. But worry less; bank account statement copies can give you a clear indication of the total income. Ensure to have such statements copies before separation.

Get a New Post Office Box

Having a new post office address will ensure your documents’ safety in the course of the process. If you haven’t spoken to your spouse about the divorce, a new post office address will help you plan for it without your spouse’s knowledge. You will rest knowing that your documents are confidential and private for as long as it needs to be.

Discuss With Your Partner

Divorce is a challenging subject to discuss. But having a conversation with your spouse will help a lot. Discuss how to collaborate through the process to share the cost. You will create a room for discussion on parenting and the emotional hitch you are going through.

While filing for a divorce, you should seek a marital counselor to determine whether the reason for divorce is varied. Sometimes you can get so emotional hence making high magnitude mistakes such as divorce. Ensure that indeed your marriage can not be salvaged and the only way out is through a divorce.