Promescent Delay Spray vs K-Y Duration Spray

One study shows that the average lovemaking session lasts around six minutes from penetration to climax. The average duration ranges from 4 to 10 minutes, and the max reported time is 52 minutes.

While sex and sensitivity should go together, sometimes it can be too much. Desensitizers are a way to take that sensitivity down a notch. 

Promescent Delay Spray and KY Duration Spray are two of the best-reviewed lidocaine delay sprays that work to help prevent premature climax.

How does delay spray work?

Delay sprays are topical anesthetics that help you last longer during sex by delaying orgasm. Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray use 10mg of lidocaine. They block signals to the penis’ nerve endings to help desensitize the penis.

What is K-Y Duration Spray?

K-Y Duration Spray is a spray-on desensitizer that enhances your endurance by temporarily reducing the intensity of sensation in your penis. It helps the user have better orgasmic control and be more able to extend the time until climax is reached.


  • Minimal side effects.
  • Accessible without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Simple to use


  • Too much spray can numb the partner’s genitals.
  • May cause skin rashes or irritation.
  • Unsafe to use if you have an allergy to local anesthetics.

What is Promescent Delay Spray

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Promescent Delay Spray is absorbed into the skin of the penis, and desensitizes and delays ejaculation. According to clinical research, the lidocaine spray-on topical, on average, can prolong an orgasm from 6.81 minutes to 11.16 minutes.


  • FDA-compliant and clinically tested.
  • Available over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription.
  • Absorbs into the penis quickly with little transference to the partner when used as directed.
  • Considered safe for most people


  • Any lidocaine-based spray will take a little time to work.
  • Promescent Delay Spray contains active ingredients that some people are allergic to.
  • Some research suggests that it affects sperm viability.
  • It’s challenging to apply delay spray to a flaccid penis.

Promescent vs K-Y Duration

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In general, Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray have many commonalities. Some of the commonalities include:

  • amount of lidocaine
  • duration of the wait before sexual contact
  • lasting power
  • manufactured in the USA

Price-wise, K-Y Duration is less expensive than Promescent Delay Spray. But Promescent is more backed by scientific research and support from the medical community.

Who is delay spray best for?

Men who struggle with premature ejaculation benefit the most from Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray. The active ingredients help give men better orgasmic control and help them enjoy sex for longer.

Delay spray should be avoided by those who have an allergy to lidocaine, or any other listed non-active ingredients.

How long does the delay spray last?

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It takes Promescent delay spray 10 minutes to absorb, and the desensitization can last up to an hour. Keep in mind that you may not experience a climax within an hour, but you’ll have fun trying.

As for K-Y Duration Spray, it takes five to 15 minutes to work and can last around 30 to 45 minutes. You can safely apply it more than once, but it’s recommended not to exceed 20 pumps in 24 hours.

It should be kept in mind that the effects of lidocaine delay spray will vary from person to person.

Will they transfer to the partner?

As long as the products are used as directed, the effects will likely not transfer to the partner. Promescent advises to rub the spray in thoroughly, wash your hands, and wait ten minutes to avoid transference. 

K-Y Duration advises to wait 5-15 minutes for their product to try before intercourse.

How to use delay sprays

For the most part, you will use Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray the same way. It’s a safe way to test your skin’s reaction without putting your penis at risk.

  1. Shake the bottle gently.
  2. Hold the delay spray 2 to 3 inches from your penis. Spraying closer or farther might not be as effective or hygienic.
  3. Apply 3 to 10 sprays directly to the underside of the head and shaft of your penis no less than ten minutes before you plan on having sex. You must give lidocaine-based delay sprays time to do their thing.
  4. Do not exceed ten sprays.
  5. Sometimes it may be necessary (and pleasurable) to massage the spray into your skin using a circular motion to distribute it evenly.
  6. It will take about 10 to 15 minutes for the delay spray to take effect.
  7. You can adjust the dose to your preference and sensitivity levels. Both delay sprays are safe to use more than once.

Lidocaine delay sprays are safe to use during oral sex as long as the penis is thoroughly cleaned and your partner isn’t allergic to lidocaine.

Potential side effects

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Lidocaine delay sprays are local treatments for premature ejaculation that you buy over the counter and apply yourself. It is a treatment that may carry fewer adverse reactions and risks than some other PE treatments, such as medication and surgery. 

Delay sprays are for external use only. If Promescent Delay Spray or a similar OTC product doesn’t seem to work, cease using it and consult with a medical professional. Premature ejaculation can be a red flag of underlying medical conditions.

In some cases, delay spray can work too well. It can temporarily cause you to lose all sensitivity and lose your erection. Be careful not to use more than directed on the bottle.

Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray may cause skin irritation, rash, a burning sensation, and itchiness for you and your sexual partner. You will need to wash the delay spray off of you and them and stop using it immediately. 

Seek medical attention if symptoms persist for more than 24 hours. People with sensitive skin prone to breaking out, irritation, and dryness should avoid using delay sprays. 

If your partner is allergic to topical anesthetics or lidocaine or is pregnant, do not use Promescent Delay Spray or K-Y Duration Spray.

A person will want to consult with a physician before using K-Y Duration Spray if one of the following are true:

  • History of kidney disease
  • History of liver problems
  • Engaging in intercourse with a pregnant person
  • Currently taking prescribed medication

A 2018 study on Promescent showed that it has a negative effect on sperm. The toxic element causes a reduction in sperm count, mobility, and viability. 

It means that if the user is trying to get their partner pregnant, it’s best to avoid using Promescent Delay Spray. Avoid spraying delay spray on skin that’s broken or already irritated. 

Do not inhale Promescent Delay Spray or K-Y Duration Spray, and avoid getting the product in your eyes.

Which delay spray is best for longer-lasting sex?

Delay spray affects every person differently, and everyone has different preferences. Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray are low-risk methods for delaying the time between penetration and climax.

You can experiment with doses and timing as long as you use the lidocaine-based delay sprays as directed by the packaging.


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Premature ejaculation (PE) happens far more than many people realize. In fact, it’s so common that the prevalence falls between 25 and 35% of all men in all age groups across all continents.

Promescent Delay Spray and K-Y Duration Spray are lidocaine-based topical delay sprays that can help prolong the time between penetration to orgasm so that you and your partner can enjoy one another longer.

While the two sprays are alike in most ways, they do have some differences.

  1. Promescent Delay Spray is more supported by research studies and the medical community.
  2. K-Y Duration Spray costs a little less than Promescent Delay Spray.

Delay sprays with lidocaine may have side effects including irritated skin, rashes, or breakouts. Try to avoid using lidocaine delay sprays if your partner is pregnant or attempting to get pregnant.

If deciding between the two, because Promescent Delay Spray has more research backing it, it’s the best option for lasting longer in bed.