Stud100 vs Promescent Delay Spray

It’s estimated that 20% of men climax too soon. As a common sexual complaint, there are proven treatments and therapies for premature ejaculation (PE) that won’t ruin the mood in the bedroom.

Stud100 and Promescent Delay Spray are penis-desensitizing sprays that use lidocaine to give better orgasmic control to please your partner for longer.

How does delay spray work?

Delay sprays use lidocaine to block signals to the nerve endings in the head and shaft of the penis. It desensitizes the area so that the user has better control over orgasms so they can last longer.

According to some research, premature ejaculation spray, on average, can prolong climax from 6.81 minutes to 11.16 minutes.

What is Stud100?

Stud100 is a brand that’s been around for 50 years. It’s used to desensitize the penis to help prevent premature climax.

The topical early ejaculation spray has 7.7 mg per spray of lidocaine that blocks signals from the penis’ nerve endings to desensitize for the increased duration.


  • Non-toxic
  • Affordable
  • Minimal smell according to some users
  • Manufactured by a credible organization


  • Requires initial experimentation to find the right dosage.
  • In some cases, Stud100 overly desensitizes the penis.
  • Using any lidocaine delay spray takes 10 to 15 minutes to work, which can sometimes ruin the mood.

What is Promescent Delay Spray?

Promescent Delay Spray is a lidocaine-based penis desensitizing spray that’s FDA-compliant and helps treat premature ejaculation. It is clinically proven to improve the quality of sex by helping men last longer.


  • Clinically tested.
  • Minimal side effects.
  • Promescent Delay Spray can desensitize for up to an hour.
  • It’s an over-the-counter medication that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.
  • According to Promescent, the premature ejaculation spray is recommended by over 2000 urologists.


  • Lidocaine can cause allergic reactions if the user is allergic to the ingredient.
  • It can take 10 to 15 minutes to take effect, which can sometimes kill spontaneity.
  • Do not use Promescent Delay Spray if your partner is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. It can affect sperm count and viability.

Promescent vs Stud100

Stud100 and Promescent Delay Spray are both lidocaine-based penis desensitizing sprays. But they do have distinct differences.

  • According to clinical testing, Promescent Delay Spray is effective for delaying orgasm and safe to use. In contrast, Stud100 has not been clinically tested and proven.
  • Promescent products are manufactured in the United States in a cGMP-compliant facility.
  • Price-wise, Stud100 is the more affordable option.
  • A bottle of Promescent Delay Spray has 2.6ml of lidocaine spray, equivalent to around 20 sprays. In contrast, Stud100 claims it has around 120 sprays in the 13ml bottle.

Who is delay spray best for?

Men who want to last longer and struggle with PE benefit the most by using Stud100 and Promescent Delay Spray. Lidocaine helps to give you better orgasmic control so that you and your partner can enjoy intimacy for longer.

If you have hypersensitive skin or are allergic to lidocaine, you will want to avoid using any brand of delay spray.

How long do they last?

When using Promescent Delay Spray, expect it to take around ten minutes to absorb. The desensitization effect can last up to an hour.

Stud100 takes five to 15 minutes to work, and reduces sensitivity for potentially up to two hours.

Will they transfer to the partner?

If delay spray is transferred, it can reduce your partner’s sensitivity.  It’s important to use both products as directed to avoid transference.

How to use

You will apply Stud100 or Promescent Delay Spray the same way. It’s always a good idea to test for any skin reaction before rubbing it into your penis.

  1. Shake the delay spray bottle well.
  2. Hold the premature ejaculation spray 2 to 3 inches away from your penis. If you spray too close or too far, it is not as effective and unhygienic.
  3. Ten minutes before you plan on having sexual contact, apply 3 to 10 sprays onto the underside of the head of your penis and the shaft.
  4. In a circular motion, rub in the spray to distribute the penis-desensitizing spray evenly.
  5. If the lidocaine spray doesn’t have the effect you want, you can apply both delay sprays multiple times as long as you do not exceed the recommended dosage.
  6. The user should make sure to wash their hands after applying the spray to avoid transferring the spray to their partner.

Stud100 and Promescent Delay Spray are safe to use when engaging in oral sex as long as your partner isn’t allergic to lidocaine. After applying the premature ejaculation spray and waiting 10 minutes, wipe the penis with a damp towel, and then you can engage in oral sex.

Potential side effects

Lidocaine-based penis desensitizing spray is a local anesthetic used to treat premature ejaculation. You can buy it over the counter (OTC) and apply it yourself.

Premature ejaculation spray has fewer adverse risks than other treatments for early climaxes, like doctor-prescribed medication. Be aware that it’s for external use only.

If Promescent Delay Spray or Stud100 doesn’t work to treat your PE symptoms, stop using it and consult with a physician. Premature ejaculation can be a warning sign of an underlying condition or disease.

If you use more delay spray than directed, it can cause you to lose all penis sensitivity and your erection temporarily.

Topical sprays with lidocaine may also cause skin irritation, burning, breakouts, and itchiness. Users should stop using the spray if they or their partner experiences any of these symptoms.

If any of these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, seek medical attention. People allergic to topical anesthetics, lidocaine, or pregnant women should not use Stud100 or Promescent Delay Spray. Use caution if prone to skin issues such as dryness or irritation.

In some cases, you will want to consult with your physician before using lidocaine-based penis desensitizing spray. Examples include:

  • History of kidney problems
  • Liver disease
  • Prescription drug interactions

According to one study, Promescent Delay Spray showed a negative effect on sperm when used to treat PE. The toxic ingredient can reduce sperm count, mobility, and viability. The product should be avoided if couples are trying to conceive.

Which delay spray is best for longer-lasting sex?

Everyone reacts differently to delay spray and has personal preferences. Promescent Delay Spray and Stud100 are low-risk treatmentsfor men who want better orgasmic control and to delay the time until climax.

Use delay sprays as directed. You can experiment with doses and timing as long you use them as directed on the packaging.


As many as 20% of all men struggle with premature ejaculation (PE). Fortunately, there are treatments with minimal side effects.

Stud100 and Promescent Delay Spray are delay sprays that extend the time between penetration and orgasm.

While the two lidocaine sprays are similar in most ways, Promescent Delay Spray is the better option because it’s clinically tested and has broad support within the medical community.

If penis desensitizing spray doesn’t relieve PE, it may indicate an underlying medical issue that may require medical intervention.