8 Refreshing Ideas to Spend More Quality Time Outdoors

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Doesn’t it feel like it’s harder to spend time outside these days? Whether it’s during your morning commute, at the desk staring a computer screen, or kicking back at home to watch Netflix, it is hard to think of an aspect of our day that isn’t spent cooped up inside. When we were kids, we spent all of our time exploring nature. Now, perhaps the only trees you see are from the window of a moving vehicle.

Especially if you live in a major city, it can feel impossible to find ways to connect with nature and recharge. Let’s explore some easy and inspiring ideas to get you out from behind that screen and into the great outdoors.

1.   Cycling

Cycling is a great option, as it can be as chill or intense of a hobby as you would like. Get inspired by the Tour de France and use cycling as a way to exercise and socialize with others, or keep it simple by choosing to bike to work a few times a week.

2.   Fishing

Fishing is a classic pastime, and learning to fish can provide you with quality time in nature AND a fresh meal! Use your time fishing as a way to connect with a family member, or go to the lake solo and get some quiet time to recharge.

3.   Picnicking

Bring a sack lunch or takeout, a blanket, and your sunscreen to the park for a fun and wholesome lunch outdoors. Invite your friends to join or impress a date with a romantic weekend picnic.

4.   Workout Outdoors

If you are into fitness, take it up a notch by bringing your routine into nature. Choose a workout that doesn’t require equipment and take it to your backyard or local park. Bonus points for taking on an exciting outdoor challenge like rock climbing.

5.   Hiking

Hiking is a great hobby to pick up and can be a beneficial form of exercise as well. Experts say that interacting with nature can boost your mood, and those who spent more time in nature increased their cognitive abilities and reduced their depression. Take the time to check out your local hiking trails, and you may be surprised to discover the beauty waiting nearby.

6.   Photography

If you’re not into hiking, fishing, or cycling, a simple way to get more quality time outdoors is to take up a hobby like photography. Start by studying animals, plants, or taking photographs of your friends, and before you know it you’ll be outside and exploring in no time.

7.   Party Outside

If you love to go out on the weekends, suggest to your friends that you take the party outside. Search online for bars with sweet rooftops and patios, or check out restaurants that have backyard games like cornhole or shuffleboard. If you’re someone who loves music, check out the venues near you and see an outdoor concert this weekend.

8.   Take Work Outside

Shake things up by choosing to work outside. Make a phone call while taking a walk around the park, or suggest sitting outside for your lunch meeting. It doesn’t have to be complicated to add some fresh air into your schedule, you just have to be willing to make the effort.

Whether it’s taking up a new hobby like hiking or fishing, or simply carving out small and meaningful moments to take a breath of fresh air, you better never be tempted to eat lunch in front of your computer screen again! Even the busiest individual can find time to boost their happiness and spend more time outdoors.