Rules for Men-Students to Look Stylish

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Fashion is a complicated thing that differs from generation to generation, from culture to culture, and from age to age. Student fashion is even more complicated, because it often dances on edge between daring and classical, accepted and avant-garde, controversial and attention-grabbing. Are there any rules that help you to become fashionable always and everywhere? We don’t think so. But there are several basic principles that will come in handy in any situation, in any college, and in any country. Let’s see what they are!

1. Fast fashion VS slow fashion

Fast fashion has begun with large-scale clothes production. Items are becoming cheaper and cheaper, but their quality also suffers. Who needs to make a durable jacket or trousers if they will be out of fashion next season? Fast fashion is capricious, ever-changing, and sometimes the items from new collections are the exact opposites of the previous ones. To follow fast fashion, one has to be either rich or know places where to buy cheap but trendy clothes. Fast fashion is the way for the people who love shopping, ready to change their style and don’t mind wearing clothes far from the highest quality. This also concerns the appearance: always be fresh and take care of your hair, teeth and nails. Tattoos and piercing won’t spoil your look, read more on  

Slow fashion tends to be more classical. It has several basic silhouettes that were created by the great designers of the past. “Little Black Dress,” “New Look” and other styles you have probably heard about are slow fashion. Adhering to the slow fashion look may seem easier because you don’t have to follow the newest trends, but there is another problem you should solve. Slow fashion relies on the highest quality fabrics and silhouettes. So, buying cheap pieces isn’t a great choice. One expensive suit or dress stands for a dozen cheap fashion t-shirts or skirts. Still, the positive side is the possibility to shop in the stock stores or second-hand cloth shops, because slow fashion never goes out of trend.

2. Create sets

When you can’t have lots of clothes at once, you still can create lots of looks simply by combining different items in different ways. The more pieces fit each other, the more looks you can mix from them. The designers call it “capsule collections.” We call it “reasonable fashion.” Choose your favourite colors, two or three of them, find the most flattering silhouettes for your body type, add some basic colors and forms to the mix, a couple of statement items for special occasions and volia! Your perfect wardrobe is ready!

Still, you don’t have to combine any of your things with any others. They may be too bright to look well together outside of a party, or too dim and not flattering your features. That’s okay. If you manage to have at least 2 or 3 looks created by mixing your items – it is a success already. Moreover, you may add different accessories, use transformer clothes (special models that can be worn in more than one way) and unusual ways of wearing the convenient pieces to make your style even more daring and outstanding without buying tons of new clothes.

3. Take care of your clothes, and they will be grateful

Even the best clothes may look untidy if not cared for properly. Sometimes, the worn look is a feature of the style (if we are talking about something grunge or punk-styled), but usually, the good care may not only extend the life of the item but make it look much more elegant and stylish. Don’t underestimate the power of properly chosen soaps or shampoos for clothes, careful ironing, and stain removers.

Special lines of durable clothes with anti-wrinkle properties may be a great help for those who don’t have time, skill, or desire to wash and iron too much. They now aren’t limited to utilitarian clothes: you may find average shirts and trousers made from extra-durable material that is extremely hard to stain or tear. You may stay stylish without an extra headache!

The main advice though, is to keep your style unique. Don’t try to follow the latest trends blindly – insert some of your personality into your fashion style! Choose your distinctive feature, way of wearing, anything, be it a tie accessory or shoelaces – and your style will be remembered and considered awesome!