Safety First: How to Protect Your Home From Worst Case Scenarios


Home invasions are an all-American phenomenon. More than 700,000 home burglaries occurred in the United States in 2019. That’s 80 home invasions an hour.

It is necessary that you protect your home. Home invasion protection is far easier than you think.

How can you make the most of your home security system? Where should you put your guns? What should you do once a home invasion takes place?

Answer these questions and you can master how to protect your home from invasion. Here is your quick guide.

Install a Home Security System

When people think about protecting their homes, they often think about installing security systems. If you have the money for one, you should buy one.

But it is not enough to set your system up and forget about it. Place cameras in your security package at vulnerable areas like your back door and driveway. Select a code to arm your system that only you are aware of.

Store Your Guns Away

Many people break into other people’s houses in order to steal their guns. Even if your gun does not get stolen, putting your gun in the middle of a room can lead to an accident.

Buy a gun safe to store your weapon in. Make sure your safe is in a location where you can access it. You can look at various under bed gun safe options that will keep your firearm close to you.

Write a Home Invasion Protection Plan

Go around your home and examine potential entry points. If you notice a loose window, get it fixed. Commit to exterior inspections of your property on a regular basis.

Consider some steps you would take if a home invasion were to occur. Think about how you could evacuate if an intruder enters your home on the ground floor. You may need to use a fire escape or jump out of a window.

Schedule evacuation drills for everyone inside your house. Practice getting out of your house and contacting the authorities.

Home Warranty Insurance

Aside from installing home security, it would be best to consider other things to protect your home and family. Thieves and home invasions are not only the main concerns that you should invest in too. Remember that there are other expenses you must cover and prevent, like repairs on your house, breakage of appliances, or water system. And not only that, the wellness and health of your loved ones. So investing in something valuable and wise is the key to covering everything from these. Getting a homeowners warranty is one of the best gifts you could ever have to protect your household.

Remain Calm

If you are not home when a home invasion occurs, do not panic. Call 911 and describe the situation to the dispatcher.

If you are home during an invasion, try to get out of the home as quickly as possible. Do not confront the intruder, as that may escalate the situation.

Use lethal force only if someone uses lethal force against you. Fire a warning shot with your gun to scare the intruder away. If they threaten you, aim for an extremity so you don’t damage their organs.

How to Protect Your Home

You can protect your home through some simple measures. You should install a home security system. Use tools like cameras to monitor weak points.

If you have a gun, find a safe for it. Keep it out of the way so a thief does not try to steal it.

Inspect your property for paths that an intruder can take. Think about ways you and your loved ones can evacuate your house. Remain calm if an invasion occurs and use lethal force if appropriate.

Home security requires constant vigilance. Learn about the latest security tools by following our coverage.