Should You Avoid Exercise After Hair Laser Removal?

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The way the body works is fascinating; different organs function together to aid the body to achieve different functions. The largest and most visible organ found on the outer parts of the body is the skin. It aids the body in body temperature regulation, protects the body, and enhances physical appearance.

Sweat is the skin’s process of regulating body temperature and preserving the skin’s appearance. The fact that it is the most visible organ in the body makes it easy to be affected by various factors. Common conditions that affect the skin include abnormal pigmentation and abnormal hair growth.

Experts at SKINsavvy Laser Hair Removal Clinic advise that proper care of the skin protects it from infections and conditions that affect its functionality. Several measures have been developed to care for the skin and protect it. These measures include cosmetic treatments and cosmetic products that help improve skin appearance.

One of these cosmetic treatments is hair laser removal treatment. This article highlights hair laser removal treatment, its effects, and answers to whether you should avoid exercise after hair laser removal.

About Hair Laser Removal Treatment

Hair Laser removal treatment is a cosmetic and non-invasive process of Hair removal where specialized laser beams remove hair from the skin. The laser beams have a specific intensity that, if applied to the skin, can reach the underlying skin layers causing controlled damage to hair follicles lying in those areas.

This treatment is the perfect alternative to traditional hair removal procedures because it is less painful and more productive. The results of hair removal can be permanent depending on the number of sessions you undergo during treatment. It saves time and is cost-effective because you would not have to constantly go for hair removal as with traditional hair removal methods.

Is Hair Laser Removal Treatment Painful?

The answer is no. The feeling you experience during the procedure can be likened to a tinkling sensation or a pinch.

Should You Avoid Exercise After Hair Laser Removal Treatment?

Yes, you should avoid exercise for about 2-3 days after hair laser removal treatments. After treatment, the skin becomes very fragile and tender, which is noticed by the redness in the skin. You are advised to avoid any activity that will increase the body’s temperature, and exercise is one of such activities.

How Does Exercise Affect the Result of Hair Laser Removal Treatments?

Exercise affects the results of hair laser removal treatments in various ways, with the most common being that it increases body temperature hampering the recovery period. Exercise is an activity that aids metabolism and boosts the production of various hormones in the body.

One of the hormones that exercise boosts its production is the hormone needed for hair growth. In this regard, exercise can obstruct the treatment’s result if the procedure does not successfully damage the hair molecules in the treated area. However, if the laser beams successfully damaged the hair follicles in the treated area (as the effect is permanent), exercise does not affect the results.

Looking at how exercise affects the result with regards to body temperature change. During recovery, the treated skin needs a relaxed and comfortable temperature to heal correctly without leaving any treatment traces. However, when you exercise, temperature rise results in sweating, and sweats are known to contain bacteria. These bacteria can infect the treated skin as it is very vulnerable. It can affect the procedure results, and in some cases, leave signs of burns or bruises.

Should You Exercise Before Hair Laser Removal Treatment?

This depends because exercise raises the body temperature resulting in sweating, and you must bring a clean bare, and bacteria-free skin on the treatment day. It is advised to abstain from exercise 24hrs before your treatment date. However, you can exercise on that day before treatment, but ensure that you allow your body temperature to cook and you clean your skin properly.

Can I go for A Walk Before and After Hair Laser Removal Treatment?

Yes, provided that your body temperature is cool and your skin is correctly covered from the sun’s UV rays. Constant exposure to sunlight makes it difficult for the laser beams to identify hair follicles quickly. The laser beams identify hair follicles by their pigmentation as they are darker. Skin cells exposed to sunlight become darker; thus, the difficulty.


Hair laser removal treatment is a cost-effective, simple, and highly-productive form of treatment. But it is vital to abstain from activities that affect the treatment’s result, and exercise is one of them. This article has explained why you should avoid exercise before and after hair laser removal treatment.