5 Simple Tips To Overcome Procrastination


When we’re tasked with balancing responsibilities with the things we enjoy doing (read: boring shit vs. fun shit) we’re obviously going to veer toward doing the enjoyable whenever possible. That’s a great way to do things if you want to hover along the middle-of-the-road in life and your career. But it’s not so great if you want to excel at anything aside than being just another cog in the workforce.

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Plus, stress escalates when you shirk responsibilities. Chronic stress can lead to oh-so pleasant things like heart disease, obesity, and depression. In other words, you need to find ways to overcome procrastination and get your act together. And we’re ones to talk — it took us six goddamn weeks to write this article.

You’re always going to find flaws in the things you produce. But you most likely have a deadline. So do budget an adequate amount of time to offer the best effort possible before wiping your hands clean of the project and moving forward. It’s easier said than done, we know. But make it a habit.

“For many, perfectionism is to blame — because when held to such a high standard, anything you imagine you could do to accomplish the task will surely fall short. So, you don’t do anything at all,” says stress expert Jan Bruce, the founder of meQuilibrium.