Smell Like James Bond!

James Bond, cologne, Skyfall

James Bond has been driving cool cars, shooting evildoers, bedding beautiful women, and making shockingly flippant quips in the face of extreme danger for 50 years. And while we’re no fortune tellers, we do have a feeling he’s going to do all of those things yet again when Skyfall hits theaters November 6.

You could celebrate 007’s milestone by going out and killing every single bald guy you see who’s petting a white cat … but we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, gussy yourself up and smell like the superspy with the new James Bond 007 Signature Fragrance ($15 and up @ The cologne contains notes of sandalwood, apple, rose thorn, lavender, cedar, patchouli, and geranium. Admittedly, we only know what (maybe) half of those things smell like. But we can tell you that the cologne smells appropriately manly. It also comes in a sleek-looking black bottle that’s reminiscent of the grip of on Bond’s signature Walther.