Study: Longer Commutes Translate To Bigger Guts

Office Space

Commuters who travel 16 or more miles each way on their treks to work tend to have higher blood pressure and bigger guts than those who journey shorter distances, according to a new study. Researchers didn’t pin all of the blame on the commute, but believe that spending too much time in a car might not leave enough time to exercise or sleep; another worry is that it pushes people to eat fast food instead of coking a decent and balanced meal for themselves.

Since you can’t boss the boss around and quitting your job in this economy is insane, if you feel your commute is slowly killing you one bumper-to-bumper mile at time, you can speak to your supervisor about making your in and out times more flexible, or budget time into your workday for physical activities, like scheduled walks or parkour. If you’re unfamiliar with parkour, the guys from The Office can show you what it’s all about …