Shaking Hands Spreads 10 Times More Germs Than Fist Bumps [Study]

germs shaking hands

Shaking hands is a dumb custom. Sadly, our idea of screaming “HELLO!” directly into someone’s ear never caught on as a replacement. People are strange, amirite?

With handshakes, not only is there no way to gauge what you’re walking into — will you receive a swampy and disgusting puddle hand? Will the person attempt to crush every bone in your hand? Will the wet noodle rear its ugly head? But now thanks to a small study published in everyone’s favorite bathroom reader — the American Journal of Infection Control, obviously — we’ve learned that shaking hands spread roughly 10 times more bacteria than fist bumps.

You can read the entire press release here, if you’d like. But we already told you the meat of what it says and there are no leaked naked pictures that go along with their report.

Still, along with providing u another reason to begin manufacturing designer Hazmat suits, it also put us on the hunt for some new hand sanitizer that wasn’t super harsh on our hands but killed all the gross germs we acquired after shaking your filthy hand …

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