Stuff We Want: UCLEAR HBC100 PLUS

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If Darth Vader had a communication device in his helmet, we think he’d go with the UCLEAR HBC100 PLUS ($160). The bluetooth unit was designed specifically for powersports, but when you’re ripping through the galaxy in a TIE Advanced x1, it pays to have crystal clear communications — and that’s precisely what UCLEAR’s newest device offers.

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Whether you’re on motorcycle, ATV, dirt bike, or snowmobile, you can yenta it up with your buddies without the noise of revving engines or blood-curdling screams of children you just mowed over impeding the call. The device pairs with your smartphone and also offers the ability to activate your call via intercom with other riders, iPod connectivity, and the ability for Siri to boss you around with her snooty turn-by-turn directions. UCLEAR HBC100 PLUS review

Even cooler, the unit was manufactured with a ruggedized weather resistant design. That means it’s not only water resistant, but fully functioning in the bitter cold and blistering heat. In other words, if you’re boarding the Mars One flight in 2018, you’ll want to pack this. Our trip via motorcycle wasn’t as bumpy or intense as a trip to space, but we still didn’t have any issues with clarity or function when playing tunes or calling the boss to tell him we were cashing in a sick day.

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You get 10 hours of talk time and 540 hours of standby, which in days equals …  we have no idea. Setting it up was the trickiest part, and even that was much easier than we anticipated: once the initial shock of seeing 10 separate packages inside of the box had worn off, we were able to crack open the user’s manual and breeze through it. And if you’re still unsure, there are plenty of YouTube vids that walk you through installation.