Surebets as a key to success in betting

As the experience of many professional players has shown, surebet strategy is an effective method, capable of making good profits in the long run, but only with the proper use of it.

What are surebets (arbs)

Bookmaker analysts usually quite accurately estimate the probability of the result of a sports event when the odds are formed. Moreover, the margin (guaranteed profit) is laid in each odds in order to eliminates unnecessary issues related to the bookie.

But when we talk about arbitrage betting (surebets) – bookmakers don’t get their income unlike the bettor, who gets the possibility to place bets at opposing results and get the guaranteed income despite how the match ends. It’s possible due to the difference of odds in different bookmaker lines. 

To clarify the term arbs betting (surebetting) and how the strategy works – let’s look at one example. 

Arbitrage betting in details 

Suppose we have the soccer clash between two teams, and two different bookies that set the odds for the opposite results TU (2.5) and TO (2.5):

B1: ТU(2.5) —  1.67, ТO(2.5) — 2.18

B2: ТU(2.5) —  2.32, ТO(2.5) — 1.48

Then we calculate the margin (guaranteed bookmakers profit): 

100/1.67 + 100/2.18 = 105.75% (everything over 100% is margin, so it’s 5.75% in our case).

100/1.48 + 100/2.32 = 110.67% (everything over 100% is margin, so it’s 10.67% in our case).

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But we don’t want to give our money to bookmakers, and that’s why we place bets (eg. 70$ for each) on TO (2.5) at B1 and TU (2.5) at B2. 

As a result, after the end of this match we’ll get 70*2.18 = 152,6 – 140 = 12,6$ or 70*2.32 = 162,4 – 140 = 22,4$ of guaranteed income no matter how the match ends.

More about arbitrage betting with examples:

In search of arbs

Nowadays arbitrage situations (surebets) may be detected with special services. But you can also do that on your own.

But please note that in case of manual search you need to analyze dozens of bookies betting lines and calculate the margin and necessary bet amounts by your own. It’s very complicated and time consuming process, and that’s why many punters use surebet finders.

The main aim of such services is to provide the list of actual surebets to the clients and help to calculate and place the necessary bets with guaranteed profit. 

Surebet scanner 

As for today, there are several bid surebet scanners but the leader here is BetBurger. Using the service, bettor can promptly receive all the information on surebets in Live and Prematch mode.

Prematch arbitrage situations arises before the event start and simple in work with. Live arbs characterized the fast odds change but brings to bettor more profit, than Prematch. So the experienced punter prefer to work in Live mode.

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Anyway, the above-mentioned BetBurger scanner gets arbs from more than 200 bookmakers in 43 kinds of sport, so you’ll have many options for profitable bets. 

One more advantage of this surebet service – enhanced functionality. The players gets at his disposal many useful tools and filters, which helps to make the process of work simple and comfortable (hide menu, close odds, multifilters, accounting tool, sound and text notifications, surebet calculator etc.)..

To sum up 

Arbitrage situations (surebets) may bring you great profit not only in the long run but right now, which is already proven by so many gamblers. 

As we already stated above, you can manage the search by yourself, but experts recommend using special surebet scanners like BetBurger. They’ll not only save your time but give you an extensive selection of bets.