That’s How Men Can Improve Sexual Performance

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Sex is one of the crucial parts of every relationship. Good sex doesn’t only help you to improve self-image, relieve stress, and get you closer to your partner, but it can also reduce pain, improve your fitness and even heart health.

It is estimated that every tenth adult man has problems with sexual performance. It’s important to mention that these problems don’t depend on sexual orientation. If you also can’t get and keep an erection and please your partner and yourself, follow these guidelines: 

Be active

According to experts at Medicine Direct Online Pharmacy, regular exercise can help to improve male sexual performance. The thing is that physical activity can increase levels of testosterone and serum, improve circulation and increase energy levels.

Moreover, both men and women need only forty-five minutes of intense workout a day in order to reduce stress and boost their mood.

Eat right

It has been proven that diet has an impact on sexual performance. If you want to use it to your advantage, make sure your daily menu consists of ginger, green tea, bananas, spinach, and pomegranate. A list of known aphrodisiacs includes avocadoes, peppers, oysters, chilli peppers, strawberries. Studies show that all these foods help to stimulate the release of sexual hormones and increase energy levels.

Also, you might want to start eating more foods that increase blood flow. To help your blood circulation, you should eat onions, garlic, and spicy foods.

Before having sex, you should avoid drinking a lot of alcohol. It might get you in the mood; however, it will not help you to fight erectile dysfunction. It’s not a secret that drunk men don’t perform well in bed.

If you really need something to calm down and relax a bit, feel free to drink a glass of red wine (but not more!).

Stop smoking

Smoking negatively affects every system in the human body. A number of studies also proved that smokers are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. Nicotine addiction damages blood vessels and hinders blood flow, which leads to ED. One study conducted in 2004 proved that male sexual performance could be improved within one month after quitting smoking. 

See a doctor

To improve your sexual performance, you need to find a reason for your erectile dysfunction in the first place. Avoid taking viagra or any other male enhancement pills without a doctor’s prescription.

According to studies conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Viagra overdose can lead to flu-like symptoms, headache, blurry vision, back pain, and even heart attack. That’s why you should not self-medicate but seek professional medical help.

Try sex therapy

Another important thing to know is that not all erection problems can be solved with meds. Some men should also consider going to sex therapy to check whether they have any barriers that negatively affect their sex life and relationship in general.

According to statistics published by the American Medical Association, 20% of men with poor sexual performance struggle with low self-esteem, depression, relationship problems, and pornography addiction.

In case you follow all guidelines written above but still can’t improve your sex life, consider seeing a licenced mental health provider ( alone or along with your partner).

A sex therapist will find a root of your problem and prescribe treatment. You should understand that you will need to talk not only about sex, but also about your job, relationship with your partner, family, and friends.

A lot of men have erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety. Moreover, it is considered the most common psychological cause in men.

Get enough sleep

Lack of good sleep can also negatively impact your sexual performance. The thing is that the body’s internal clock can control hormone secretion. When you are tired due to poor night’s sleep, your body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, which also leads to sexual dysfunction. It has been proven in a study published in Rain Research in 2007.

The bottom line

Sex doesn’t only improve health and reduce stress, but it can also improve the relationship with your partner. If you experience some performance problems, consider making slight changes in your lifestyle – start eating healthily, quit smoking and improve your daily diet.

Also, it’s important to stay active and get enough sleep. If nothing from the list helps, consider seeing a doctor in order to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction or check out supplements by Generic Pharma to help. You may also want to make an appointment with a sex therapist in case you have some psychological barriers that influence your sex life.