From The Ocean to the Meeting Room


There is a new kid on the block, and this collection is expected to give other brands a run for their money. Dubbed the Okeanos Camo Collection, this refreshing range of timepieces represents the 2020 Filippo Loreti flagship of rugged cum aesthetic wristwatch for the stylish watch collector who wishes to combine vintage and modern look.

The Filippo Loreti brand has long fulfilled the burning desire for unique, aesthetic, and sophisticated wristwatches. This year, we have doubled down our craftsmanship by focusing on more functional pieces, part of which is the Okeanos CAMO Collection.

At the beginning of the year, we launched our Limited Edition 2020 collection with one CAMO strap, which turned out to be a best-seller watch. And because we pay attention to your needs, we decided to over-deliver by recreating one of our all-time favorite – the Okeanos range – in a variety of CAMO designs. Ultimately, what you have is a marriage between the Okeanos sophisticated aesthetics and the trendy appeal of the CAMO strap.


Our latest design for 2020, the Okeanos CAMO Collection, mirrors our unique brand promise – exceptional premium craftsmanship with intricate functionality. The collection tells a story of a timeless wristwatch, forged with a keen eye for details, whose military-style influences its several properties – starting from water-resistance to intricate engraving and trendy outlook.

Why you should own an Okeanos CAMO design

Much has been said about the appearance of the wristwatch, and less about the overall functions.


The Okeanos CAMO straps are like no other – we have twisted the classic style of the usual CAMOs by rolling out darker, textured shades with the intent to achieve a universal look. More than that, here are some reasons why the Okeanos CAMO collection is a must-have:

About Okeanos CAMO:

  1. Intricate Design – We have retained the stylish case back motif of Oceanus – the God of the Oceans – which represents the functionality of the Okeanos range. That’s not all. The crown features a 3D artwork of Oceanus’ trident, exemplifying the diving properties of your wristwatch.
  2. Premium Deep-Sea Diving Function – Water-resistant up to a depth of 100m, the Okeanos CAMO watch is specifically designed to merge art with functionality. Being our first exclusively diving watch, the Okeanos CAMO is made with water-printed rubber straps so that no other camo watch strap can be found like yours.
  1. Luminous Dials – The lustrous design of the Okeanos range has been retained to allow for easy reading of time even while you’re underwater or in the dark.
  2. A Burst of Colors – There are only seven watches on this range, the dominant colors being blue, green, grey, and black. However, we will only release the strap collection in the blue, green, and grey hues. These colorful rubber straps will undoubtedly compliment any of your casual or professional looks.

Having borrowed some cues from the iconic CAMO prints of the military, we have produced the Okeanos CAMO collection for style, comfort and versatility. The fresh and clean update, however, can be seen in the ultimate design and functions of the wristwatches. Even better, the premium Chrono-Diver watch has been crafted without markups, availing you of luxury at no extra cost. And no matter the event, the Okeanos CAMO Collection is ideally suited for your basic watch needs.