The Beginners Wine Buying Guide: Top Wine Varieties To Know

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Whether you’ve decided to start collecting wine or you want to be a bit better at identifying the different wine types to better pair wines with meals or indulge in new wine tastes, knowing the top wine varieties is vital when buying wine.

There are quite a few wine varieties out there, which can make buying a bottle pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner. So, to help you better understand the best types to opt for, we’ve listed the top kinds of wine for you.

Rosé Wines

Rosé wines are generally light pink and notably sweeter than the red variety. These wines pair perfectly with white meats and snacks. Dune Wines rosé varieties are delightful, although several brands make rosé wines worth collecting. However, rosé is not a type of wine commonly collected, as the fresh and fruity taste is best sooner rather than later.

Red Wines

Red wines are available in full-body and medium-body varieties. Furthermore, you’ll also find sweet red and dry red in this category of wines, which makes choosing an enjoyable red wine a bit tricky for the first-timer.

Red wines are made from fermented black grapes, and they are pretty high in tannins, which provide more of a rich or bitter taste, depending on the specific variety you opt for; dry red wines are often flavourful and somewhat bitter.

This category of wines pairs best with red meat dishes and rich, decadent meals. And the specifics of the meal will determine which specific wine is best. Red wines are also a top choice for collectors, as they tend to mature well in terms of taste.

White Wines

White wines come from white and black grapes. However, white wines are not fermented with the grape skins, while red wines are fermented along with the grape skins and stems.

It’s always best to opt for light meals when pairing with white wines. In addition, seafood dishes are also an excellent pairing option, as white wines have a pretty fruity and delicate taste.

Fortified Wines

Some might not consider fortified wines as actual wine, although they are made from both wines and spirits such as brandy. The alcoholic spirits are added during the fermentation process, so you can’t make your own fortified wines by adding alcoholic spirits to wines at home.

That said, these wines include sherry and port as the more popular options. These make great pairings with desserts and snacks such as cheese.

Choosing wines for the first time can be a bit intimidating for any first-time buyer. However, it would be best to consider the taste that each wine has to offer, which foods pair best, and the quality of the bottle. And if you are starting a collection, you should learn how wine is made, how to age particular wine varieties, and how to identify a quality fresh harvest that will mature nicely.

But once you know the basics of identifying wines, you’re already well on your way to finding the best bottles for your taste preferences.