The Benefits of Travel Nurse Housing: What You Need To Know

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As a traveling nurse, you know the value of having home-like comforts while away on assignment. Even if only for the short term, ensuring your housing independence can help make any travel nursing job more enjoyable and successful. But with so many options – from apartments to home shares to corporate housing – what is the best way to find a quality, affordable accommodations? 

This blog post looks at the benefits of enrolling in travel nurse housing and explores what you should look for when considering long-term solutions. Whether you’re just starting or a veteran traveler, understanding all your options will be vital in finding a comfortable place that meets all your needs without breaking the bank. Read on for a detailed breakdown of how it all works!

Overview of Travel Nurse Housing

Travel nursing can be an exciting and fulfilling career choice for healthcare professionals. One of the most important aspects of travel nursing is finding temporary housing that suits your needs. Travel nurse housing comes in many forms, from apartments to extended-stay hotels and RVs. 

Benefits of Living in Travel Nurse Housing

However, it can still be an exciting career with many perks, including the opportunity to live in temporary nurse housing. This type of housing offers a variety of benefits that make it an appealing option for traveling nurses. First and foremost, it provides a sense of community and support, as you will be living among other healthcare professionals who understand the unique challenges and rewards of the job. 

Additionally, travel nurse housing is often close to the hospital or medical facility where you will be working. This minimizes commute times and allows more time to explore your new surroundings. Many travel nurse housing options come fully furnished and include amenities such as a pool or fitness center, making your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Living in travel nurse housing can make your travel nursing experience even more fulfilling and memorable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Live

When you’re travel nursing, places to stay can be pretty scarce. But choosing a place to live is a significant decision that will impact your life in many ways. You must consider several factors to make the right choice for you and your family. Location, housing options, cost of living, job opportunities, and quality of schools are just a few of the critical factors to consider. 

You should also consider other elements such as transportation, climate, access to healthcare facilities, and crime rates. It’s essential to take your time and conduct thorough research before making a final decision. Weighing each factor carefully and prioritizing your needs and preferences will help you choose a place you’ll be happy and comfortable calling home for years.

Where Can I Find Travel Nurse Housing Options Near Me?

If you’re a travel nurse on the hunt for temporary housing options, there are several avenues you can explore. First, consider contacting travel nurse staffing agencies, as many offer housing assistance as part of their packages. Additionally, websites such as Airbnb, Furnished Finder, and Travel Nurse Housing offer various listings tailored to travel nurses. 

Another option is to check out short-term rental options through websites like Zillow, Craigslist, and Additionally, connecting with local travel nurse groups on social media can be beneficial as many offer housing recommendations and shared living options. With some research, you’ll find the perfect temporary housing option near your assignment location.

Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Nurse Housing Experience

As a travel nurse, finding appropriate and comfortable housing can make all the difference in your experience. It’s essential to research the area and consider factors such as safety, accessibility, and commute time to your assignment. Consider contacting fellow nurses or online communities for recommendations and reviews of housing options. 

Consider amenities, storage, and noise levels when touring a potential living space. Feel free to negotiate rent or ask for additional accommodations. Finding the proper housing can enhance your travel nurse experience and create a comfortable home away from home.


When considering living arrangements as a travel nurse, knowing the fantastic benefits of living in travel nurse housing is essential. The cost savings, convenience, flexibility, and potential for networking are just some of the perks of living in travel nurse housing. However, it’s also essential to consider the factors to consider when choosing a place to live for your next assignment to ensure it is the best fit for you. 

Additionally, it’s helpful to understand where to look for travel nurse housing options near you and how to maximize your experience while living in it. With these tips, questions answered, and an overview of what travel nursing has to offer, we hope you feel more comfortable confidently exploring this exciting industry!