The Best Home Ventilation Systems Available Today

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No one likes being uncomfortable in their own home. But many properties in the UK are poorly ventilated and insulated, regularly leading to temperatures that are either too hot or cold. A home ventilation system gives homeowners more control over conditions in their home. Maintaining good ventilation in the home offers benefits beyond comfort.

Below are three of the best home ventilation systems available today.

Passive Stack Ventilation

Passive stack ventilation is among the most effective natural ventilation strategies available. This type of ventilation is also the most common form of passive ventilation; other than just opening a window.

Sometimes known as the stack or chimney effect, stack ventilation uses differences in air pressure, temperature, and density to create a natural airflow.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is another type of home ventilation that relies on physical effects rather than electric power. Like stack ventilation, attic ventilation uses the fact that heated air will naturally rise to provide passive ventilation in an attic space.

There are two components to an attic ventilation system. Intake vents located on the lower part of the roof enable cool air to enter the attic. Meanwhile, hot air exhaust vents situated near to the top of the roof provide an exit for hot air to escape through.

Heat Recovery System

Heat recovery systems are one of the most effective home ventilation systems on the market. They take heat that you would otherwise lose to the outside elements, and warm fresh air drawn from outside. A heat exchange unit means that heat recovery systems can take the warmth from extracted stale internal air and use it to raise the temperature of the fresh air it draws in.

During the winter months, a heat recovery system is an effective and cost-efficient way of heating your home. Throughout the rest of the year, it can improve the air quality in your home. Heat recovery systems continually cycle the air in your home and filter the fresh air that they bring in from the outside. This filtering removes any particles, allergens, and pollutants that might be present in the air. Hayfever sufferers and people with allergies will benefit from the improved air quality that a heat recovery system provides.

Businesses like BPC Ventilation can retrofit heat recovery systems into existing homes, or help you design a new build with a heat recovery system included in its design. These heat recovery systems are among the best home ventilation systems available today.

A sound home ventilation system will prevent the accumulation of humidity, allergens, and other pollutants in the air. For people with asthma and others who are sensitive to stale and dirty air, proper ventilation can have significant health benefits.  It will also quickly remove odours and cooking smells from your home. If you have any smokers living with you, a good ventilation system is essential. Any of the home ventilation systems outlined above can be effective at improving airflow in your home, raising the air quality and ensuring you have a constant supply of fresh air.